There’s a presidential debate tomorrow

How low will the red menace go? (More from Spocko at Digby):

I see where Trump has already suggested inviting Gennifer Flowers to the debate, So now I expect Holt to bring up the Lewinsky affair.  Holt might use the “some people say…” formula because “it’s out there” and will define it as a “character” issue.  If he doesn’t, Trump might bring it up via the Clinton Foundation then wondering, “What role will Bill play if elected? Then ending with a, “Well, if you can’t control your husband… how are you going to be able to control anything?” comment.

This is classic right wing projection attack model. Trump’s the one with problems with his foundation and with relinquishing control of his business, but she will be the one having to defend her’s.

In general the idea is to position Hillary as the Cuckolded President. If questioned about what he means with his “If you can’t control your husband” comment he will say, “I was talking about control of the Clinton FOUNDATION, not about what your husband did while in the White House!”

If Trump brings up the Lewinsky affair, and I think he will, he will do it by defending and forgiving her. He will acknowledge he’s no saint, people have a right to privacy, etc. BUT, his point will be made. This interaction will be seen as a “character” debate about her. Not about the thrice married man who cheated on his wife.  

It will be a big “OMG, HE WENT THERE!”moment. How she responds will be all the media will want to talk about, as well as the audacity of Trump bringing it up.

Let’s face it. He’s going to go there. And since American TV people care more about ratings than about the fate of the country, he’s going to get away with it.

What’s that, you say? You don’t think NBC will allow that?

Donald Trump tweeted Saturday that “perhaps” he would put Flowers, the former model who once had an affair with Bill Clinton, in the debate audience. An assistant to Flowers told BuzzFeed News she would accept the invitation.

Gennifer Flowers, the former model who had an extramarital affair with Bill Clinton in the 1980s, says she’ll accept an invitation from Donald Trump to sit in the front row of Monday’s presidential debate, according to an assistant.

The prospect of Flowers attending the debate was raised on Saturday when Trump tweeted that he would put her in the audience, if billionaire and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban sat in the front row.

“If dopey Mark Cuban of failed Benefactor fame wants to sit in the front row, perhaps I will put Jennifer Flowers right alongside of him!” Trump tweeted Saturday afternoon.

An assistant to Flowers told BuzzFeed News in the past she had declined such invitations, not wanting to be a “sideshow,” but said she would forward the invite to Flowers.

In an email to BuzzFeed News, Judy Stell, her personal assistant then confirmed she would be attending.

Sure. The post-debate discussion will be that the thrice married model for the Hairclub for Men dared to bring up a sexual encounter that has nothing to do with this century or the fate of the free world, but that’s not the point. He’s going to get away with it, just like he’s gotten away with every scumbag move he’s pulled off so far.

Like his African American town hall on Sept. 21:


He got away with that! As outrageous as this is, he got away with it. And he knows he will get away with every outrageous thing he does. He said so!

Follow the leader: GOP congressman goes into Trump mode

Since the GOP nominee for president constantly gets away with saying stupid shit, other members of the party see no reason to not say stupid shit. Case in point:

A United States representative from North Carolina said in a television interview on Thursday that protesters in Charlotte “hate white people because white people are successful and they’re not,” and then hours later recanted and apologized.

The representative, Robert Pittenger, a Republican whose district includes parts of Charlotte, was interviewed on a British Broadcasting Corporation show, BBC Newsnight, when he made the comment.

And, of course, he gave a non-apology apology:

So, when you translate this, he’s saying, “Maybe I offended someone, so I’ll apologize to that person. But I know the people who voted me into office feel the same way I do, so they don’t need an apology.”

He doesn’t care about peace and calm. He just wants Charlotte’s non-whites to shut up.

And because his constituents are most likely further to the right than he is, he’s going to be reelected in November.

Let’s take a look at his BBC comment:

So he quotes Martin Luther King, then he plays the government puts blacks in bondage through welfare, and police shootings are no reason to protest.

Since TV people in the U.S. are incompetent and would have let him get away with this, as Matt Lauer proved in the “Commander-in-Chief Forum,” as Chris Wallace proved when he said his job isn’t to fact check someone who lies to him and as Chuck Todd proves every Sunday on “Meet the Press,” we should have the BBC interview American politicians. At least they don’t back down.

The body double conspiracy, revealed

I can’t believe these people:

Despite what Donald Trump’s supporters and others are saying on Twitter, Teresa Barnwell is not working as Hillary Clinton’s secret “body double.” On Monday, #hillarysbodydouble was trending on the social network and it’s the latest rumor in an election cycle that has given a platform to several absurd conspiracy theories. After the Democratic presidential candidate left a 9/11 memorial event early on Sunday for health reasons, and later emerged from her daughter’s New York City residence in good spirits, some suggested the healthier-looking Clinton was not actually her.

Who was this “other” Hillary? Conspiracists have pointed to Barnwell, who has been impersonating Clinton since the 1990s. Nevermind that Barnwell was in Los Angeles on Sunday for a live taping of the television show Lip Sync Battle. On Monday, Barnwell’s website crashed from all the traffic. Asked if she is working as a “body double” for the candidate, Barnwell says, “Good heavens, no.”

Let’s put this in the file with Barack Obama was born in Kenya. Or Barack Obama is a Muslim. Or Hillary Clinton killed Vince Foster. Or …



Bravo, supporters of the candied yam. You’ve convinced me. Now you have to get this conclusive evidence before the rest of America before it’s too late.

ABC News: 15 years ago today

I used to work in New York, and my office building was directly across the street from the World Trade Center. I was about to leave home for work when I saw this and immediately went to our emergency backup facility in New Jersey. My office remained in New Jersey after that, and I haven’t worked in New York since.

I had been in my New York office in 1993, when terrorist blew up a van filled with explosives in the World Trade Center. That was nothing compared to this, but it closed off lower Manhattan. This destroyed lower Manhattan. A family friend died in this.

So now you know why I have nothing but contempt for Rudy Giuliani, a political opportunist supporting an ignorant charlatan, who says that there were no terrorist attacks on United States soil before Barack Obama became president. Rudy was mayor of New York on this day. He knows what happened and he knows that what he said was a lie.

Let’s keep it real on the billionaire buffoon

Most sane people have been trying to figure out how and incompetent huckster was able to kick the ass of the establishment candidates of the Republican Party. Some Washington campaign and media insiders were on the Keepin’ It 1600 podcast to explain the frustration of being a reporter working at networks that rely on commentary from pundits as opposed to actual reality.

The early part is fun, but the real meat begins at the 39:22 mark.

The bottom line, of course, is ratings, and being a beltway insider.

(By the way, the walking advertisement for the Hair Club for Men benefits from being absurd, which led to spectacular TV ratings. Is that really a qualification for the next leader of the free world? And there’s an interesting observation on the aftermath of the horny Jabba the Hutt at Fox News. “Super slutted up” is a description of working at Fox.)