This is how deranged Fox News is

Sean (Please, let me kiss your ass, Spanky) Hannity had this image up on his show:
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was the surprise winner of the congressional Democratic primary in the Bronx. Yes, this is her platform.

Hannity put this up because he says these are all bad things.

This is fucking crazy. Are Fox News viewers that far gone that they really believe they should be against all of this?

If so, Fox News viewers, give up your social security and your Medicare and see how long your soulless carcasses stay alive.

Chuck Todd is stupid

How is it possible for someone who supposedly understands Washington politics  to tweet this?

The Kentucky turtle doesn’t give a fuck about defending this. He’s a lying racist bastard who stole a Supreme Court nomination because he didn’t want the black guy to have it. The tweet was never serious in the first place.

Mitch McConnell laughs at Chuck Todd’s idiocy.

Hitting your head with a hammer offers better insight than the gullible goatee. Because his tweet should have been this:


Of course, it’s entirely our fault

And let’s take a moment to observe their latest atrocity:

Roseanne Barr, arguably the face of “pro-Trump” Hollywood, has seen a recent career boost built on giving a voice to the millions of Americans who support the president. But a Tuesday morning Twitter rant is the most recent example of how her efforts to provide a more nuanced portrayal of Trump supporters may be doing more harm than good.

Barr invoked racist and Islamophobic stereotypes that triggered so much outrage that ABC canceled her successful sitcom. The most offensive tweet has been deleted, one combining a common anti-black racist trope with a conspiracy theory referring to former Obama White House senior aide Valerie Jarrett.

OK, there is no nuance. This is who they are. And this is who she is:

And I’m sick of listening to them butt moan about “political correctness.” It used to be called human decency.