Talk about politics and brain damage!

I would like to thank Stephen Colbert for reminding me of this turn-of-the-century video:

Since the mango tango combover and former mayor bald spot are encouraging people to go on the Internet for proof that Hillary Clinton is too frail to be president, it’s only fair for others to encourage people to go on the Internet for proof that these guys shouldn’t be within a five Zip code range of the White House.


As for Giuliani, he swears Clinton has brain damage. But keep this in mind. He also said this:

You cannot be more brain damaged than this, right? Something pretty big happened in those eight years before Obama.  I think Joe Biden said it best:


Trump/Palin 2016: The clown car takes a right on the Crazytown Expressway


Oh, god. This can’t be happening. I thought Sarah Palin was gone for good. You know, eaten by a Mama Grizzly off the tip of Alaska where you could see Russia from your kitchen window.

And to top it off, as Sarah was gearing up for the big endorsement, one of the baby Palins was off in Alaska doing something uncool. Yeah, the page in the New York Daily News is real and the bottom headline on the Daily News page is about her Iraq War vet son. Knowing Palin, I’m sure there’s someone to blame that isn’t his parent (from the Washington Times):

Sarah Palin claimed Wednesday that her son, a 26-year-old Iraq veteran who was arrested this week on domestic violence charges, was “hardened” by war and blamed President Obama for failing America’s veterans.

Track Palin was arrested Monday night following a dispute with a girlfriend at the Wasilla home he shares with his parents. He was arraigned on Tuesday, the same day the 2008 Republican vice-presidential nominee endorsed Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

Oh, for fuck’s sake. (I’m sorry, I’m now at the point where I find myself saying this every day.) Of course, I could stop turning into a nihilist and look at this in another way:

But I mean, really, Just when you think we’ve hit every possible level of cosmic absurdity, we end up with Palin and Trump. Together. On stage. Live. I put myself through the torture of watching that non sequitur spectacular. I won’t impost that on you. But Stephen Colbert captures what happened perfectly:

Let’s just throw in all the chips here. The GOP should nominate Donald for president. And he should pick Sarah for vice president. Because in this Dadaist nightmare we call the primary season, that’s the only way this can end.

Nancy Pelosi defends her friend, Newt Gingrich

This is political genius:

Never mind that this is kind of a bait and switch, because Stephen Colbert‘s PAC does have to report its donors. You can link to that here.

But for Nancy Pelosi to sit there and say “Even using his super PAC to attack my friend, Newt Gingrich” … well, that’s just worth the price of admission to watch the Bizarro World dead spin in their graves.

As they say in the European land of baguette lovers, “Bien fait, Madame.”

Stephen Colbert joins the campaign

Stephen Colbert is probably doing more to explain the presidential campaign process, and the evils of super PACs than anyone in the media today.

Mitt Romney is a serial killer? What a great ad.

But as Bill Moyers says: I’ll believe corporations are people when Texas executes one.

One diversion out of the way

Weiner and little weener are gone, thank goodness:

Rep. Anthony Weiner announced his resignation Thursday, following revelations that he sent sexually explicit messages and photographs of himself to women he met online.

In a packed news conference at a senior citizens’ center in Brooklyn, Weiner (D-N.Y.) said it was impossible for him to continue representing his district because of “the distraction that I have created.”

Speaking above the repeated interruptions of a heckler, Weiner said, “So today I am announcing my resignation from Congress.” He said he was stepping down because he wanted his colleagues to be able to “get back to work” and so that he and his wife could “heal from the damage that I have caused.”

Here’s a guy who was good at attacking Republicans, saying a lot of the things folks on the left wanted to hear. And he was so effective, the Democratic leadership let him have a platform … made him the face to appeal to a younger, more politically aggressive constituency. He was a high-profile Democrat, essentially being groomed for some kind of leadership role down the road.

That means he was going to draw scrutiny.

So the fact he’s texting his johnson to women he never met over the Internet and providing us with online porn (see the dramatic reading by Bill Maher and Jane Lynch — and it’s definitely NSFW) doesn’t mean he’s necessarily a perv. It means he’s an idiot. And we’ve seen what happens when an idiot runs the country for eight years.

When you turn Andrew Breitbart into a beacon of truth and your pretend sexcapade makes David Vitter look like someone who actually can close a deal, you become a burden, not an asset.

Weiner is gone. Good riddance. But he’ll be back. He’s television material. Let’s guess: Which cable news network will give a former prominent New York Democrat caught in a sex scandal his own show?