Inside Spanky’s brain

This could be overstating things, because there’s nothing in there.


Rudy can fail

The second I knew Rudy had lost his mind was during the Obama presidency, when he said that before Obama, there hadn’t been a terrorist attack on U.S. soil. Since Rudy worked in New York on Sept. 11, 2001, I understood his brain was fried and anything that came out of his mouth would never again make sense.

Call me when the pee tape drops

Um, we better start reacting because he’s now hit us with the Mustache of War:

President Trump said Thursday that he was naming former ambassador John Bolton, a Fox News commentator and conservative firebrand, as his new national security adviser, replacing Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster.

The president announced the news in a tweet: “I am pleased to announce that, effective 4/9/18, @AmbJohnBolton will be my new National Security Advisor. I am very thankful for the service of General H.R. McMaster who has done an outstanding job & will always remain my friend. There will be an official contact handover on 4/9.

McMaster came to the Trump administration with an highly accomplished combat record in Iraq and a reputation as one of the Army’s best thinkers on the subject of battling insurgents and the future of war.

So, of course, babyman is going to turn the job over to a war mongering madman. And that’s what critics on the right are saying. So in the words of Han Solo, it’s worse.


The rats keep deserting the sinking ship

The latest escapee:

The White House’s top economic adviser announced he would resign on Tuesday, departing the administration during a major clash over President Trump’s pivot toward protectionist trade policies.

White House National Economic Council Gary Cohn, the former president of Goldman Sachs, still plans to stay in his job for several weeks, a person briefed on his plans said, and he will likely continue to try to push back on the trade war Trump has launched by promising global tariffs on steel and aluminum.

But his departure leaves the White House lacking an economic heavyweight that business executives and foreign leaders believed had served as a counter to Trump’s protectionist views. …

In many ways, Cohn’s NEC was one of the most stable parts of the White House, avoiding the scandals and revolving-door image that the National Security Council and other offices endured. But Trump and the president had an on-again, off-again relationship, with relations becoming chilly after Cohn criticized Trump’s response to a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville

Cohn’s departure rattled a number of business executives around the country, many of whom saw the Wall Street veteran as a free market capitalist who would speak out against those who wanted to pick fights with global trading partners.

Never have so few done so much damage in such a short amount of time.

Republicans and deficits

As Paul Krugman says:

These are evil, greedy, traitorous people. When Democrats are in power, Republicans lie and say deficits are the ultimate disaster so we have to cut aid to the unfortunate. When the GOP is in power, Republicans lie and say deficits are OK because they help the economy (and their rich benefactors). Until poor whites in places like Appalachia and the Rust Belt and the Deep South get a grip and realize that everything Republicans do is designed to kill them, we are going to keep suffering this Groundhog Day atrocity.

If Watergate happened today

I remember Watergate vividly. Here’s the difference. Watergate was a stupid burglary by a paranoid president who was going to win his election by a landslide anyway.

Today, we have outright treason by a lying egomaniac who won his election because Russians spies and accomplices, including said egomaniac’s family, conspired to manipulate the American election process.

One view of the state of the union

From the Rude Pundit:

When President Donald Trump undulated up to the lectern in front of the Congress, his cabinet, and a few Supreme Court justices, along with guests and media, to give his first State of the Union address, the question wasn’t so much what he would say but how he would say it. Would he point out Democrats and say, “Hey, Pocahantas! Howyadoin, Cryin’ Chuck!” or would he turn around and tell Pence and Ryan to smell his fingers and say, “Yeah, who’s got two tiny thumbs and has been grabbin’ pussies? This guy”? Or would it be the presidential president who shows he can president just like any president by pretending for a short while that he isn’t completely barking mad and can read a teleprompter without gagging on his dentures?

We got the last one.