Trump and his goons

This is the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination.


This is from the New York Times on Sept. 12, 1938, about a year before the start of World War II.

We’ve been through this before, and survived. We’ll get through this, too. But it’s not going to be easy.

Why Bernie Sanders tawks that way

This is from Vox. but I immediately disagree with the premise. They say that Bernie Sanders’s accent is distinctive of people who grew up in New York in the 1950s and ’60s.

I grew up in New York in the ’50s and ’60s, and neither I, nor anyone in my family has this accent. The Vox lady also makes a big deal about how Bernie grew up in Brooklyn. I grew up in Brooklyn, and when I look at where the marker is on the subway map, I see he didn’t grow up that far from where I lived.

So how does she come about the flaw in her argument?

For one, she makes the assumption that most New Yorkers who grew up in that time period have that accent. Samuel L. Jackson can you enlighten us here?

The more annoying part of the assumption is that everyone in New York is white and since they’re from the city, Jewish, which may play well with the rubes in the sticks, and was the implication of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Scumbag) when he talked about “New York values.”

But it’s a bogus premise. I really don’t remember real people in New York speaking this way in the neighborhood I lived in, but then, I didn’t live in the neighborhood Bernie (or for that matter, Donald Trump) lived in, and also, judging by the map, Bernie lived in an all white section of Brooklyn. My neighborhood, on the other hand, was multiethnic. There were Catholics, Jews, whites, blacks, Puerto Ricans, Chinese, and any other group you can think of including here.

Which leads us to another flaw in the Vox argument, which is a major flaw in media coverage everywhere. When a reference is made to the “typical” average person from any region of the country, typical is limited to one ethnic group.

The country’s a melting pot, people. Let’s’ show it that way. And just say Bernie has an accent that was typical of one ethnic group in New York in the 1950s and ’60s.

Welcome to my Election 2016 nightmare


This is what keeps me up at night. Really. I wake up at 4 a.m. and can’t get back to sleep because this is what I’m hearing on the left.

I have a preferred candidate in the Democratic race, and if there’s a primary in my state, I’m going to vote for that candidate.

But if my candidate loses, I’m going to support the Democrat who is nominated without reservation. If you lived through eight years of George W. Bush (the Dumber), just remember, he had more gravitas than any of the Republican candidates left in this year’s race. And how did that presidency work our for the country?

Your Christmas Eve weather forecast


This map from the national weather service is all over the place. December is completely reversed.The normally freezing East Coast is having a heat wave with temperatures as high as 30 degrees above normal, while the normally balmy West Coast is going through a cold snap.

Here in Louisville, the are currently warnings for severe thunder storms, tornadoes and flash floods. This is spring weather. But members of a certain political party will tell you that  this has nothing to do with climate change.

Here’s how bad it is. I heard a commercial on Kentucky radio in which Exxon told us how much it’s doing to reduce emissions to fight global warming.

You know, Exxon? These guys:

Well, a White Christmas is out of the question. Santa better have the windshield wipers on his sleigh on high tomorrow if this weather in the East sticks around.