A scary, but impressive, explanation of a storm surge

From The Weather Channel:

There are people on the Carolina coasts talking about riding out the hurricane. They’re gonna die.

Spanky the Sociopath is at it again

Once again, I’m at a loss for words:

But others have some words that work:

And if you get a chance, click on the tweets and read the responses. The babyman deserves all the contempt he gets.

No World Series game has ever been played in 100 degree weather

Until yesterday:

When I tuned into the game last night at 8 p.m. Eastern time, it was 103 degrees in Los Angeles. And it was outdoors, so there was no dome for relief.

One reason it’s never been that hot in a World Series before?


She predicted 97 degrees. It was 103. That sucks.

But the krap koddled klown chosen by pump truppets says climate change is a Chinese ruse designed to steal coal mining jobs, and our friends on the right* say we should keep politics out of the World Series.

(*A reminder: They aren’t our friends. They’re trying to kill us.)