Olivia de Havilland is 100 years old

As she readily admitted to Vogue, people thought she was dead:

“I have the idea that anyone who has ever heard my name has the distinct impression that I was put under the sod years ago just before they buried Lillian Russell. And so, when I wonder if you know that I live in France, I’m sure you don’t, because I am certain that you think me peacefully interred, and in good old native American soil. If that’s the case, you’re in for a surprise.”

Five time Oscar nominee. Two time winner (for “The Heiress in 1950 and “To Each His Own” in 1947. Melanie Hamilton in “Gone With the Wind,” for which she got a supporting actor Oscar nod. . A true movie legend. She has to be the last of the greats. So let’s see her in action:

Here’s why Kim Kardashian is famous

It’s actually an interesting explanation of fame in the Internet age:

I was watching the ESPN documentary on O.J. Simpson and surprisingly remembered that Kardashian was an important name during the murder trial. Robert Kardashian was O.J.’s friend and one of his defense attorneys.

That’s Kim’s father. And it’s not like this was a passing acquaintance:

So, in addition to O.J. getting away with murder, he brought us the Kardashians,

Digby says, ‘Why not Warren?’

Some thoughts on a Hillary Clinton-Elizabeth Warren Democratic ticket, from Hullabaloo:

There are those who assume that two women at the top of the ticket is too much for the country to handle. After all, it took nearly 230 years for one to even be nominated by a major party for the top job. I thought that myself but after seeing them together I changed my mind. It looked like a natural combination to me. When you think about it, it’s simply illogical to be willing to vote for a woman president but unwilling to vote for a woman to replace her if something happened. That makes no sense. And if you are the type of person who believes that a woman at the top of the ticket needs a man around to keep her steady, why would the VP have to be that person? The administration will surely be filled with men, they always are. In any case, there’s really nothing new about voting for president and VP of the same gender.

Most importantly, the Republicans have nominated a man whose views about everything, but especially women, are nothing short of antediluvian. The prospect of a campaign featuring two strong women standing toe to toe with Trump is just too delicious to pass up. It’s already making him come unglued.

And the toupéd fucktrumpet should be unglued, when they’re going after him like this:

So Clinton-Warren may not be a risky ticket at all — it may be exactly the right one at the right time.

Sigur Rós: Varúõ

Why is an Asian woman with a gold sparkly wig skipping barefoot in the middle of the streets of New York to an etherial Islandic song whose title means “Warning”?

Even more puzzling, why is she skipping through every place I go when I’m in the city? For me, that’s the scary part, because I expect to see myself bicycling through one of these shots, because that’s how I usually get around Brooklyn and Manhattan.

This is one of those instances where I think I’ve been brain hacked.

Here are the lyrics:


Þrjú lagst út
Og reitum til alls tiðna
Út allt, allt út
Og kveikjum bálkerti
Og vindur undan frá
Sem hverlir orðnar múrar
Allt, allt út um allt
Og nóg beini er kalt
Drepur allt
Útan liður í ísköld
Kveikjum varðeld, þá að komi kvöld
Og orðin bíðum bláköld
Við reisum aftur á sifurskjól
Og vindur undan frá
Sem hverlir orðnar múrar
Allt, allt út um allt
Þarna lá þúsund fall
Og dregur all
And here’s what they mean in English:


Three laid out
And fields of everything melted
Out all, all out.
And let’s light the bonfire-candles
And the winds from far away.
As ?who/might be something else? became brick walls
All, everywhere
And enough bones are cold
Kills everything
Outside, part of the icecold
Let’s light a bonfire, when it’s evening
And words wait bluecold
Let’s build again a silver shelter
And winds from underneath
As ?who? became brick walls
All, everywhere
There laid a thousand falls
And draws everything

When Hillary was a kid

On commencement day at Wellesley College in 1969, a senior named Hillary Rodham gave a commencement speech to her graduating classmates. Here are some excerpts:

Ten years later, she was the first lady of Arkansas:

What strikes me the most? She has a really strong Chicago accent. It’s obvious in 1969, and it sneaks in every now and then in 1979.

Hillary graduated from college 50 years ago. And she still looked like a college kid 10 years later. She’s essentially been a public figure for three-quarters of her life.

And now she’s the (presumptive) Democratic nominee for president.