Ocean’s Over 40

I saw this Friday. As expected, it’s “Ocean’s 11” with women. Same plot. Same scheme. Same result.

I guess that’s a spoiler?


‘The Breakfast Club’ revisited

There’s a fascinating essay in The New Yorker by Molly Ringwald, who looks back at one of her most famous movies, “The Breakfast Club.” If you were expecting a fond jaunt down memory lane, remember, we are now in the age of #metoo, and things that were once seen as charming are now understood as creepy.

And after you read that, listen to Act Three of this episode of “This American Life,” in which Molly discusses watching “The Breakfast Club” with her 10-year-old daughter.

My team’s going to the Final Four

On the women’s side:

This past year, I’ve been to more Louisville women’s basketball games than any other teams’ games. I was there for their season opener against Southeast Missouri State. I went to a bunch of other games during the season, and I was at the first to rounds of the NCAA championship. I watched every other game, except for Kentucky and Air Force, which I missed because there was no television replay.

And since they’re in the Final Four, it’s my responsibility as a Cards fan to get on a plane and head to Columbus on Friday.

Golden Globe winner for best comedy and best comedy actress

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” a show I’m sure you never heard of, won best comedy and best actress at the Golden Globe Awards. One reason you’ve never heard of it is because it’s on Amazon Prime.

But it’s really good. A look at standup comedy in the 1950s, which brought back many old memories of classic comedians of the era.

I binged it last week. Here’s the first episode.