The other side of modernity

I’ve had a few “Blade Runner” moments. Times Square at midnight in summer. Listening to Japanese radio while standing on a hotel balcony overlooking downtown Honolulu. Walking from building to building across interconnecting ¬†enclosed pedestrian bridges in Hong Kong. The marvel of the Las Vegas strip.

In those moments, I felt like I was looking into the future. But it was the present. And the reality is those experiences are now part of my past.

The cliche is true. The future is now.


The myth of the pivot

Keith Olbermann says:

When I was a kid excited about Halloween and trick or treating, I was told stories about nice people who gave children apples as a treat, but secretly, the apples contained razor blades.

That’s how I feel now. It’s Halloween, I’m hearing fruitful stories about how the krazy, krimson kuck is working with the other side to get government working. And I know there’s a razor in this apple.