Foreign policy debate failures

A couple of thoughts on the presidential debate on foreign policy:

1) For the two candidates to discuss foreign affairs and never mention the European financial crisis and the possible collapse of the euro zone was completely irresponsible. That is the moderator’s fault, but at some point someone should have said:

“You know, we’re wringing our hands on Iran and Afghanistan. We’re upset with China. We’re giving our stock answers on Israel, but if the the euro falls apart, we’re going to go into a recession that’s going to make the past five years look like boom times. So we should be focusing on that very real possibility and stop spewing on these side issues.”

But no one did.

2) If Mitt Romney was going to agree with everything President Obama was doing, why bother having a debate. The only time Romney came up with an original thought was when he referred to the Navy and 1916. And Obama completely sunk his battleship with his answer:

Of course, Sean Hannity, the Borg queen over at Fox News, has a retort:

“Some of our troops rode horses in Afghanistan and the Marines still carry bayonets. Maybe someone should tell the President how the military actually works.”

Given that when Hannity speaks, the Borg collective reacts, expect to hear this bit of stupidity in the days to come.