Jennifer Lawrence and the evils of Photoshop

We all know fashion magazines have an obsession with making the celebrities on their covers look perfect. But explain this to me:


This is the before and after shot of Jennifer Lawrence for a Canadian magazine called Flare.

Why do you need to alter Jennifer Lawrence. They’ve moved her collar bone, stretched out her fingers, narrowed her hips and … well, you see it.

Why bother using real people. Just create Photoshop avatars of perfect humans. (Via Jezebel)

Buys in the skies

Amazon is talking about delivering packages with drone helicopters. When I was growing up, these things we now call drones were known as remote-control airplanes. And I saw one fly that was shaped like Snoopy on his dog house. Now that would be something. Have Snoopy deliver packages.

By the way. I’ve seen these things at every indoor sports event I’ve been to, shaped like sharks or blimps, dropping coupons and other crap on the fans.

At least they’re not killer drones … yet.

Ask a slave …

… Since who else would know more about the foibles of the founding fathers?

There’s a whole series of these on YouTube. Here’s another one:

I’ll go out on a limb here and say when she really did this for a living (a slave re-enactor), she was at Mount Vernon. And the sad thing is, these are really questions she was asked.

These definitely aren’t the answers she gave on the job.


A glimpse at two R-rated movies (Only one deserves the rating)

An observation on two movies I saw this weekend.

This is the red band trailer for “This Is the End,” so you know it’s beyond tasteless and full of profanity, and you shouldn’t watch it if you’re easily offended:

I saw the movie the other day. This preview does not come close to how crude and sacrilegious it was. If I have to sum it up in one line:

It’s the end of the world as we know it. And I feel fine.

On the other hand, the is the trailer for “Frances Ha.” It’s also an R rated movie.

Unlike “This Is the End,” what you see in this preview is exactly what you’ll get in the movie. I don’t know why it’s rated R, other than a few curse words.

The critics love “Frances Ha.” The critics weren’t overly thrilled with “This Is the End.”

And given the choice, I will see “This Is the End” again. (I really hated “Frances Ha.” Of course, if you’re into self-indulgent 20-something New Yorkers living off their parents money, this is the movie for you.)

“Frances Ha” will probably get Academy Award nominations. “This Is the End” won’t.

Oh, one other thing.

When Hermione goes after those guys with the axe, she is totally justified.


Life in a Day

I had a movie preview for “Life in a Day” saved on my computer for some reason, so I checked out the movie listings today to see if it was playing locally. Nope.

I figured I could go to a place that sells DVDs and buy it. Nope.

Now I see it’s on YouTube, free of charge.

This is a look at the world on July 24, 2010. Just a normal day on the planet.