A glimpse at two R-rated movies (Only one deserves the rating)

An observation on two movies I saw this weekend.

This is the red band trailer for “This Is the End,” so you know it’s beyond tasteless and full of profanity, and you shouldn’t watch it if you’re easily offended:

I saw the movie the other day. This preview does not come close to how crude and sacrilegious it was. If I have to sum it up in one line:

It’s the end of the world as we know it. And I feel fine.

On the other hand, the is the trailer for “Frances Ha.” It’s also an R rated movie.

Unlike “This Is the End,” what you see in this preview is exactly what you’ll get in the movie. I don’t know why it’s rated R, other than a few curse words.

The critics love “Frances Ha.” The critics weren’t overly thrilled with “This Is the End.”

And given the choice, I will see “This Is the End” again. (I really hated “Frances Ha.” Of course, if you’re into self-indulgent 20-something New Yorkers living off their parents money, this is the movie for you.)

“Frances Ha” will probably get Academy Award nominations. “This Is the End” won’t.

Oh, one other thing.

When Hermione goes after those guys with the axe, she is totally justified.


Life in a Day

I had a movie preview for “Life in a Day” saved on my computer for some reason, so I checked out the movie listings today to see if it was playing locally. Nope.

I figured I could go to a place that sells DVDs and buy it. Nope.

Now I see it’s on YouTube, free of charge.

This is a look at the world on July 24, 2010. Just a normal day on the planet.


According to the synopsis:

The movie is based on the short story “GOLEM XIV” of “Imaginary Magnitude” by Stanislaw Lem from 1973.
The book is written from the perspective of a military A.I. computer who obtains consciousness, moving towards personal technological singularity with growing intelligence.

It starts to refuse military support because it detects a basic lacking of internal logical consistency of war.

GOLEM gives several lectures with focus on mankind’s position in the process of evolution and the possible biological and intellectual future of humanity before it ceases communication.

Play on full screen. Use headphones.

‘Serena’: one of YouTube’s ‘Wigs’

There are a bunch of shorts on YouTube called “Wigs.” It consists of various serialized stories featuring top actresses. The kind of stuff that would normally be found on network television.

I’ve been watching “Blue” and “Jan,” but here’s an interesting piece called “Serena” with Jennifer Garner and Alfred Molina:

I don’t have cable television. I haven’t had it for years. And I don’t feel I’ve missed anything, because I can see everything I want to see on the Internet.

Which raises an important point:

The Internet has beaten up on newspapers, the record industry and bookstores. This is a sign that television networks are next, and the networks are going to suffer the fate of newspapers, the record industry and bookstores.

Portrait of Lotte

Dutch photographer Frans Hofmeester filmed his daughter every week from birth to 12 years old. This is the result: 12 years in less than three minutes.

As a parent, you constantly say your kids are growing so fast. I guess in our minds, this is how we see it. At least that’s the way I do after 21 years.

UPDATE: And this appears to be Lotte’s brother, Vince: