I feel faint, Mr. President!

You’ve all heard about this fainting episode at the White House yesterday:

Karmel Allison could feel the sun beating down on her. She is pregnant, and she was worried about having to use the restroom while she was standing behind President Barack Obama during his speech Monday morning on the Affordable Care Act. So she didn’t drink much water before the speech.

But suddenly, she felt dehydrated. She began seeing stars. And next thing she knew…

“I was being caught by the President of the United States,” she said in a phone interview with Business Insider Monday afternoon.

In this instance, the woman is pregnant and diabetic. She was so worried about having to go to the bathroom that she dehydrated herself and almost passed out. (Actually, she was pretty out of it for a long time if you saw the whole video.) Probably shouldn’t have been standing around to begin with in her condition, but you can’t fault her for wanting the opportunity to meet the president.

It appears that President Obama has had lots of experience with fainting people.

Not to mention this from New Hampshire:

This happens all the time:

I wonder what the right-wing crazies make of all this?

Nevertheless, right-wing conspiracy theorists were quick to claim that the incident was staged. YouTube videos of the speech are full of criticisms of President Obama, with almost every single comment showing some variation of, “This was staged!”

Right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ website Infowars similarly went into a frenzy attempting to find evidence that the “Fainting Woman” incident was staged. One user claimed, “He used to fake these fainters and ask somebody to get them water. O has staged these fainters several times in the past.” Others pointed out that she was “looking toward the teleprompter” and that the people around her seem to be “in on it.” The phrase “I gotcha,” was said by several to be a manipulative line thrown to the American people to make them feel good about the Affordable Care Act.

Almost no one acknowledged that Karmel Allison was actually ill. Those who did unanimously decided that she was obviously drunk or high (because everyone knows, of course, that sick people always deserve it and somehow did it to themselves). These complaints included the accusation that Ms. Allison “may be one of Obama’s transgender o-bots.” (I’m not even going to try to figure out what that means.)



FDR: Don’t trust the GOP on fiscal matters

A few words to consider from Franklin Roosevelt about negotiating with Republicans, as we approach the “fiscal cliff”:

Republicans will drive us over the cliff, if we let them.

(Via Daily Kos)

A (hopefully) final note on the 47%

The above spread sheet contains the latest numbers from the presidential election. If you look at Row F, you see that the U.S. total for Mitt Romney was 47.49%. That rounds off to 47%. And you know what that means:

If I may:

There are 47% of the people who would vote for Mitt Romney no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him … who believe they are victims. Obama’s job is not to worry about those people. He’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for the lives of their fellow man.

But Obama says he’s the president of all Americans. So here are a few things the true 47% are going to have to deal with (from The Nation via Crooks and Liars):

1. Barack Obama has won an overwhelming majority in the Electoral College, a daunting majority of the popular vote and a majority of the nation’s states—including most of the country’s largest states and states in every major region of the republic: New England, the mid-Atlantic, the Great Lakes, the South, the Southwest, the Mountain West and the West.

2. Barack Obama has won more popular votes than any Democratic candidate for president in history—except Barack Obama in 2008.

3. Barack Obama is the first Democratic president to win more than 50 percent of the popular vote in a re-election run since Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1944.

4. Barack Obama is the only Democratic candidate for president since FDR to twice win more than 50 percent of the national vote.

5. Barack Obama has, in both of his presidential runs, won a higher percentage of the national vote than any Democratic nominee since Lyndon Johnson in his 1964 landslide victory.

When George Bush the Dumber won the 2004 election by a narrower margin than Obama (48% voted against him) he said he had a mandate. The Republicans agreed.

By the GOP definition, Obama has a broader mandate.

So as Joe Biden says:

If they get out of the way. If they get out of the way and let us pass the tax cut for the middle class and make it permanent. If they get out of the way and pass the jobs bill. If they get out of the way and allow us to let 14 million people who are struggling to stay in their homes because their mortgage is upside down when they never missed a mortgage payment. Just get out of the way.

Two people who are not impressed

The U.S. gymnastics team visited the White House this week, and McKayla Maroney brought her game face:

OK, that’s actually her, “I didn’t win the gold medal face.”

So, what’s a president to do?

Now, that’s called team spirit.


Obama’s transgendered nanny

If the GOP wasn’t so busy feeding on itself in the never-ending primary and scrambling from the latest bile spewn from the mouth of Rush Limbaugh, you would have heard a massive orgasm coming from the right on this (from the Associated Press):

JAKARTA, Indonesia — Once, long ago, Evie looked after “Barry” Obama, the kid who would grow up to become the world’s most powerful man. Now, his transgender former nanny has given up her tight, flowery dresses, her brocade vest and her bras, and is living in fear on Indonesia’s streets. …

Now the story itself is extremely sad. The ex-nanny fears for her life because transgendered people are murdered for this in places like Indonesia.

But I’m going to think like a Rush Limbaugh dittohead for a minute: Oh, boy. This isn’t just red meat. This is filet mignon.

According to the AP story, in 1969, Evie …

… met Ann Dunham, Barack Obama’s mother, who had arrived in the country two years earlier after marrying her second husband, Indonesian Lolo Soetoro.

Dunham was so impressed by Evie’s beef steak and fried rice that she offered her a job in the family home. It didn’t take long before Evie also was 8-year-old Barry’s caretaker, playing with him and bringing him to and from school.

Neighbors recalled that they often saw Evie leave the house in the evening fully made up and dressed in drag. But she says it’s doubtful Barry ever knew.

“He was so young,” says Evie. “And I never let him see me wearing women’s clothes. But he did see me trying on his mother’s lipstick, sometimes. That used to really crack him up.”

When the family left in the early 1970s, things started going downhill. She moved in with a boyfriend. That relationship ended three years later, and she became a sex worker.

So, the Kenyan, Muslim, socialist, communist, Nazi interloper was raised by a transgendered, Indonesian prostitute. This is a right wing wet dream.

If I were part of the GOP base, I’d really be super pissed as Rush right now for diverting attention from something as cosmic as this.

President Obama: the musical interludes

So the President was given a microphone and sang again. There was a blues concert at the White House two nights ago. B.B. King, Buddy Guy and Mick Jagger were just a few of the performers. And as their closing song, they did a group rendition (in the non-kidnap sense of the word) of “Sweet Home Chicago.” So guess who sang the first lyric:

We heard him doing Al Green‘s “Let’s Stay Together” at the Apollo Theater in Harlem a few days ago. It turns out the guy is constantly singing. Here he is:

— at a speech in New Jersey during his senate days, singing “Walk on By.”

— at a rally in Detroit, as a senator, singing “Chain of Fools.”

— with Paul McCartney at the White House, singing “Hey, Jude.”

He’s got the vote of the R&B base.