Paul McCartney: Out There in D.C.

For the past three years, I’ve missed the Abbey Road on the River Festival held each May in Louisville. It features five days of performances of Beatles music staged at the shore of the Ohio River.

So, last night, I did the next best thing.

paulHere’s my ticket (right) to the greatest hits of the Beatles and Wings. For some reason, the computer assigned me to the wheelchair section, so I was in the front row of the second tier with a movable seat, no one behind me and no obstructions in front.

Washington was the latest stop on 71-year-old Paul McCartney’s “Out There” tour.

(Paul McCartney is 71? That means his fans must be old.)

No. His fans are REALLY OLD. We’re going beyond grandparent territory, these days. But grandparents, parents and kids and grandkids were out in force for one of the few people who can unquestionably be listed as a rock legend.

The elderly lasted through the show that went roughly three hours, but the trio of 20-something hipsters sitting next to me crapped out long before the first encore. Guess they couldn’t handle the agonies of age.

McCartney’s “Out There” tour doesn’t change much from city to city. I’ve looked at the set lists and the only difference I noticed between the show at Nationals Park and the show at Fenway Park in Boston a couple of days earlier was that he did  “Get Back” instead of “I Saw Her Standing There.”

Everything else was the same, right down to the departures before the first and second encores. Here’s the show (I would have written this out, but had it up a couple of hours after the concert was over):

The Beatles: Rockband in and out

The last music videogame I played was some version of Guitar Hero, but I never picked up Rockband.

So I’m just seeing this intro for the Rockband version of The Beatles:

Guess I should have picked up Rockband somewhere along the way.

Meanwhile, here’s the outro:

Oh, and Tuesday was Paul McCartney’s birthday. He’s 71 and still touring.

Happy Birthday, Pete and Lu

Today is my brother’s birthday. It is also my wife’s mother’s birthday.

They’re not with us anymore, but when they were, they would always note that it was the other’s birthday, he in New York and she in Kentucky. So, here’s a second birthday song to remember them by:

And just to round it out, yesterday was Yoko Ono‘s birthday. Believe it or not, Mrs. John Lennon is 80 years old!


Death and football

John Lennon was shot to death 30 years ago today. I heard about it through a phone call, but this is how a lot Americans first got the news.

ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” has an audio clip of Frank Gifford and Howard Cosell discussing whether they should report on the air the death of the former Beatle. It’s an interesting look at journalistic decision making when tragic news breaks. Cosell and Gifford performed admirably.