When Richard Pryor was president

Let’s see. There’s an obscure references to Chicago (Jet and Ebony magazines were based in Chicago) and a reporter is from Hawaii. And they snuck in a reference to the black president being a Muslim.

It’s like Richard Pryor saw the future.


Kids react to the Cheerios ad

This video doesn’t say where the kids are interviewed, but it’s pretty obvious they’re not in the Old Confederacy. I’m guessing New York or California, because:

1) The group is pretty diverse: black, white, Asian and mixed race.
2) The kids really seem oblivious to the fact that people would freak out over the ad.
3) Don’t hear any Southern or Midwestern accents.
4) The responses are all Blue-State Liberal.

A little research shows the Fine brothers (the guys behind this project) were raised and educated in New York City and now live in Los Angeles. (Wow! Who would have guessed that.)

I’d like to say the video is encouraging, but I think the brothers need to get away from the coasts and spend some time in fly-over country (And I don’t mean Denver or Chicago.).

This video puts stars in your eyes. But a visit to the heartland would be more of an eye-opener. Yes, they’ll find kids who will say the same thing everywhere they go, but they’ll also get the chance to question the kids who bring their parents’ prejudices to the conversation.

I wouldn’t want to have this job

Rahm Emanuel 4

Image by afagen via Flickr

Rahm Emanuel, the new mayor of Chicago, has hired a 25-year-old as his press secretary.

Talk about leading a lamb to slaughter:

Once Rahm Emanuel takes the oath and becomes Chicago’ s mayor today, you will be hearing and seeing a lot more of a young woman named Tarrah Cooper. She is beginning the job of a lifetime, even though she doesn’t have much life time behind her.

Ms. Cooper (who pronounces her first name as Tair-uh, not Tahr-uh) is going to be the “face” of the Chicago mayor‘s office, as Mr. Emanuel’s newly anointed press secretary. At the tender age of 25, she is certainly a fresh face.

You can tell from the tone of this editorial that the writer, Chuck Goudie, who’s a reporter with ABC television’s Chicago affiliate, is going to be gunning for this kid. He includes comments like:

It is interesting that the mayor’s new press secretary felt no inhibition about displaying hundreds of personal photos on her public Facebook page, showing her partying with friends, in beach attire and at a slot machine.

But why did Rahm hire someone fresh out of college, who’s previous jobs involved working as a press aide at Homeland Security and an internship with MTV?

I worked as a press aide for a governor when I was in my late 20s, but I wasn’t in charge of the administration’s messaging. There were adults in those positions. As Goudie points out, Chicago is the third-largest city in America, so being the lead press person for a — to put it mildly — volatile politician isn’t going to be a piece of cake. Especially for a 25-year old.

The Chicago reporters are going to show no mercy.