This year’s three-point star: Shoni Schimmel

The University of Louisville’s basketball season is over. But here’s a last second highlight.

Way to go Shoni. Luke Hancock also participated in this. He got knocked out in the first round of the men’s competition.

Interesting though how Louisville’s basketball season ended. In both matches, the teams’ best players — Russ Smith and Shoni Schimmel — needed to make a three-pointer late in the game to give the team a chance at sending it into overtime. And in both games, they missed.

But neither of them should be blamed for the losses. Had their teammates made any contribution to the effort (I’m looking at you Stephan Van Trese and Bria Smith with a big fat 0 in the box score), I would be holed up this weekend in my apartment watching more games. Now, I’ll just look at reruns from last season. (Aaaaahhhhh. Baylor!  Ooooooohhhh. Michigan!)

On the rebound: 2013 Louisville Cardinals

Another look back at the 2013 NCAA basketball final. I still have confetti I collected at the end of the game in the Georgia Dome. Can’t wait for next season, but there are high hopes for the football team this year, already off to a 4-0 start. (Unfortunately, didn’t get any confetti at the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans last January.)

The Dalai Lama needs a Louisville cap


The Dalai Lama is going to be in Louisville on May 19 and 20. I saw him in Washington in 2011, where his profound message was “Don’t worry. Be happy.”

I won’t be in town to hear him say that again at the Yum Center, but I think I got the message the first time.

What I do find interesting, though, is his fondness for sports caps. The collection above is from Deadspin, which describes him as a “giant bandwagoner.”

Well, he’s going to the home court of the NCAA basketball national champions, the Louisville Cardinals. The least someone can do is get him a cap. Preferably one that says “National Champions.” I’ve got a cap from the Final Four that I’d give him, but like I said, I won’t be in town when he’s there.

I’m sure they’ll be generous enought to let him take his pick at the Cardinal Authentic Store. Throw in a football and basketball jersey while they’re at it.

Look at the photo above. He even got a Nats hat when he was in Washington, and the Nats aren’t champions of anything.


2013: The year of UofL sports


All is right in the world. The college basketball season is over. The Louisville men are the national champs in Division I hoops. The Louisville women are runners-up for the national championship.

That makes 2013 the year of Louisville basketball.

Uh … wait a minute …

The Louisville football team won the Sugar Bowl.

That makes 2013 the year of Louisville sports.

March Madness ends Monday

The Louisville Cardinals and the Michigan Wolverines meet in the NCAA championship game. I suspect there will be no classes on either campus Monday. And a lot of basketball fans will be taking a day off from work.

Like me. Got a ticket to the game, used a bunch of miles for the flight to Atlanta and got the cheapest hotel room I could find near the airport. Then it’s back to work the next day.

It was great to watch the Louisville football team beat Florida’s Gators in the Sugar Bowl, but to should the basketball team win, that will be the Brobrubel Sports Highlight of the year. I wonder if I have anything red in my wardrobe.

(And let’s not forget the Louisville women have their Final Four game against Cal today. But I can’t make it to New Orleans.)