Where’s my flying car?

I heard someone say that last week. I don’t remember how it got blurted out, but one minute, there was talk about the future, and the next, it was getting over traffic with a flying car.

When you see how the average person drives, what you appreciate most is the fact we don’t have flying cars.

But the other fact is, we’ve always had flying cars. They just sucked:

k-bigpic-1That’s a Convair Model 118, built in the 1940s after World War II.

The concept of the flying car has been for about 100 years. One was sketched out and built in 1917. In those 100 years, some flying cars actually flew.

The futurist site i09 has a comprehensive history of the flying car. People put a lot of thought into them. But we’re fortunate they never … how you say? … took off. Air travel is already a nightmare. Add millions of flying cars to the highway … . No! I’m not going to think about it.