Gasoline prices fall

Back in March, I posted on how Fox News was pushing the line that rising gasoline prices were President Obama’s fault. And then I noted how when prices went up during the tenure of President Bush the Dumber, those same Fox anchors were saying that the president has no control over gas prices.*

So I wonder what Fox is saying now that this has been reported:

The average for a gallon of regular gasoline is $3.38, according to AAA, down from a high of $3.93 in April. Sure it was terrible to pay an extra $0.55 a gallon to fill up your tank, but today’s relief comes with an asterisk. The run-up in prices at the pump was caused by a $35 rise in crude oil that occurred from $75 a barrel in October to $110 in April. The price of crude is responsible for two-thirds of the increase in gas prices.

I’m sure whatever they say, something will be Obama’s fault.

(*And for the record, the president, no matter who it is, has any control over oil prices. The oil companies do.)