The president talks about Trayvon Martin

It’s been a week since a jury of six women said it was fine with them that George Zimmerman shot to death an unarmed teenager carrying a can of iced tea and a bag of Skittles. One of the more odious jurors, B37, hit the television circuit, blaming Travyon Martin for walking while black trying to arrange a book deal to make some money off the case. Zimmerman is trying to make money by suing NBC News for its bonehead editing job. Don’t be surprised when he hits Fox News, his propaganda outlet, as a regular guest.

There are huge divisions in the country. I don’t recommend listening to television reports or reading newspapers to get a feel for what the issues are. But I highly recommend going to the Web to the stories about the case and the result and immediately going down to the comments section. TV and newspaper Web sites don’t do much in terms of overseeing the comments section, so you really get to see the ignorant and vile statements by the American masses. And no, both sides don’t do it.

So President Obama goes to the podium on Thursday and talks about Trayvon. Never says the name George Zimmerman. Never says the verdict was correct. And totally pisses off the Fox News glitterati and their zombie followers.

The speech wasn’t an address to America. It was a speech to whites.


Because he never said a word in the speech that black people didn’t know. I was trying to think of equivalent speech content, and the closest thing I could come up with was: The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, even when it’s raining and you can’t see it.

So, we have another “conversation on race.” And while we have these conversations, the right passes new laws to limit minority involvement in election, passes new laws that let you shoot people who make you nervous, passes new laws to restrict brown people from crossing the border. At the same time, the right expresses indignation when black people say they’re upset that George Zimmerman walked.

Now, because of the speech above, Fox News is calling President Obama the “Race-Baiter in Chief.”

Here’s a reality check. Before the Zimmerman verdict, there was a lot of chatter about the possibility of riots if the killer walked. The killer walked and there were no riots. There were peaceful protests and demonstrations. When there was any hint of violence, the dozen or so people responsible were quickly arrested. But there were no riots.

For those of us old enough to remember when Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in 1968, we also remember this happened:

For those of us who remember when the cops who beat Rodney King on videotape walked in their assault trial in 1992, we also remember this happened:

The Zimmerman trial was just as charged as the King trial. Police were prepared for destruction. When the Zimmerman verdict was read, people were upset, people were angry and people wanted vengeance. But there were no riots.

Some have asked, why not. Some say because community leaders called for calm.

Don’t be dense. There were no riots because Barack Obama is president. If George Bush (the dumber), or Bill Clinton, or George Bush (the smarter), or Ronald Reagan, or Jimmy Carter or Lyndon Johnson were president today, there would have been riots.

African-Americans aren’t going to do anything to make the job more difficult for an African-American president. That’s the only reason there was calm in the face of injustice.

The scumbags at Fox News should acknowledge that.

George Zimmerman: Killer on the loose

Trayvon Martin is dead. Minutes ago, a Florida jury let George Zimmerman, the guy who killed him, walk.

A Florida jury acquitted George Zimmerman of charges of second-degree murder and manslaughter Saturday night in a case that alternately fascinated and appalled large segments of a spellbound nation.

The gun culture rules Florida. I’m sure they’re very proud of themselves. But if Martin had been the neighborhood watch volunteer, and Zimmerman had been the guy with the can of iced tea and the bag of Skittles, Martin would now be on death row.

Think that’s an exaggeration?

If you’re an older white man and you catch your wife cheating on you with another man, you get to kill him, then go free.

If you’re a black woman and you fire a warning shot to scare off a physically abusive husband who’s aggressively coming at you, after saying, “If I can’t have you, no one will,” then you get to go to prison for 20 years. …

This past March, Ralph Wald, 70, got up in the middle of the night, saw his wife Johanna Lynn Flores, 41, in the living room, the arms of his neighbor, Walter Conley, 32. Wald grabbed his gun and shot Conley in the back, three times, killing him. Ward later claimed he thought Conley, a known lover of his wife’s, was raping her. He used the the Stand Your Ground law to bypass justice. On May 30, Ralph Wald walked out of court a free man. …

Three years ago, 31-year old mother of three, Marissa Alexander, acted in self-defense, hurting no one, and received a 20-year conviction. Within 12 minutes, the jury found her guilty of aggravated assault, even though her estranged abusive husband admitted in his deposition, she had every right to do what she did.

That’s what they call justice in Florida. The state’s a moral cesspool.

The latest in gun insanity

Until politicians do something about guns, I’m going to keep posting things like this:

Florida’s controversial “stand your ground” law has been cited in hundreds of cases. People have used it to justify shooting, stabbing, killing and maiming would-be intruders, romantic competitors and rival gang members.

And on Sunday, at a pizza joint in St. Petersburg, a man tried to use it as justification for shooting another customer who was yelling at workers because he wasn’t getting his order fast enough.

So, in Florida, people think that if you get into an altercation with someone complaining about bad service at a pizza joint, the way to resolve it is to shoot him?

“There are arguments every day, but how many people pull out a gun? When you pull a gun out and shoot somebody, your life better be in danger,” [Randall] White said. “He was in my face and I pushed him. His life was not being threatened.”

White said he got mad because his thin-crust vegetable pie was taking longer than the 10 minutes he was promised.

“Twenty minutes later, I’m like, ‘Where’s my pizza?’ ” White said.

White, who admitted he was tired and agitated, started talking about the service. That’s when he said [Michael] Jock “started chewing me out.”

White said the gun came out quickly. A shot rang out. The two men wrestled for the gun before the second shot was fired.

White said he still has a bullet fragment in his back.

“I got lucky,” he said. “To me, that stand your ground rule … people are twisting it. He’s twisting it. I walked in to get a pizza and I got shot … I’m hoping the law prevails. We’ll see.”

First of all, the “stand your ground” law is absurd and a government sanctioned ticket for murder. George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin in Florida and is using “stand your ground” as his defense.

Second, if you go by past NRA statements, the guy who got shot should have had a gun. That way he could have defended himself. So instead of one person being shot, there would have been a gunfight in a pizza joint.

Finally, is a Little Caesars pizza really worth dying over?