The best and the brightest: GOP edition

According to yesterday’s events in the unfolding presidential contest, the frontrunners for the Republican nomination for president are:

1) A crazy woman, who has no concept of American history. (The upside, though is that Iowa has now officially confirmed its irrelevance as an indicator of who should run the country.)

2) A wealthy former Massachusetts governor who says “corporations are people,” and has flip-flopped so many times, he can launch a career as a human pretzel when his presidential bid fails.

3) A conservative Bible-thumping governor from Texas. And we all know how well that can work out.

And this just in: The former governor of Minnesota has dropped out, because he couldn’t even beat the crazy woman in a straw poll.

Meantime, the Democrat in the White House has done everything he can to show that if the GOP would just give him a chance, he would fit in as one of the guys. But they won’t because he has a deeper tan than the current speaker of the House.