When the cost of health care touches home

My family’s medical expenses this year have included four of the five entries on this chart:

8935086326_febfe427da_zIf we didn’t have health insurance, we would be totally screwed as Americans. If we lived elsewhere, in the land of “socialized medicine,” we would manage these procedures with no problem.

We are lucky. I work for a company that provides health insurance. But a lot of Americans don’t, and they are one major illness away from choosing between bankruptcy or death.

I have a relative who has a serious medical condition. Treatment in the U.S. would likely cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. But the relative is an American expat living in Europe, which has high quality health care at a fraction of the American cost.

I doubt I’ll see this member of the family repatriate to the U.S. anytime soon.


From Obamacare to Moochercare


Here’s Mitt Romney‘s solution to health care (From “60 Minutes“):

I think in a lot of places, going to the emergency room is how it’s done now. Not exactly working, either.


Doesn’t it make you sick?

It’s impossible to make this stuff up.

A teabagging Maryland Republican who just won a U.S. House seat ran on a platform against the new health-care law and promised to vote for its repeal in Congress.

But, Andy Harris was all flustered when he found out the government-mandated health care he gets as a congressman won’t kick in until 28 days after he’s sworn in.

As the Politico Web site reported this week, one congressional staffer said Harris, “stood up and asked the two ladies who were answering questions why it had to take so long, what he would do without 28 days of health care.”

This is the entire point of the health-care bill. People are scared of what will happen if they get sick and have no health-care availability. Andy Harris is scared of what will happen if he gets sick and has no health-care availability.

How do people elect these hypocrites?