Stupid is as stupid does: The GOP says Hillary is old

For those of you keeping track of what the Republican campaign strategy will be if Hillary Rodham Clinton runs for president in 2016 (via Jezebel):

GOP strategists are trying very hard to remind potential voters in the 2016 presidential election that Hillary Clinton (who hasn’t even decided whether to run yet) will be old when she hypothetically assumes office. Like, really old.

Older than Ronald Reagan when he assumed office? No, actually — a year younger than him. Older than John McCain (who was, to be fair, dogged with worries that he was too old to be president) when he ran in 2008? No, no — three years younger, as a matter of fact. Clinton will be 69 by the next presidential election, and though the GOP has put forward no shortage of Old White Candidates in past presidential elections (including Bob Dole the oldest ever at 73), this hasn’t stopped the likes of Republibros like Mitt Romney strategist/chief jester Stuart Stevens and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker from making jibes about Clinton’s age. Honestly, does anyone think this strategy won’t backfire horribly?

Uh … they don’t think it will backfire because they create their own reality. You know: Mitt Romney is going to win in a landslide. Sarah Palin is a perfect candidate for vice president. Rick Santorum and Herman Cain should be in the White House. Newt Gingrich is the perfect spokesman for family values. Benghazi is the greatest American tragedy since 9/11.

So, why would a bunch of fat old white guys not think that focusing on Hillary’s age is a viable strategy?


Herman Cain: still deluded

Why won’t these people just go away?

Former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain said Wednesday he would be willing to consider becoming the vice presidential nominee.

“I would say: ‘Let’s talk,’ ” he told “Fox and Friends” when asked how he would react to a request. “It’s not a slam-dunk.”

Here’s a slam dunk: No way Romney is as dumb as this guy is. The Herman Cain clown show has run its course. Time to pack up the circus tent. The GOP already played it’s “We’ve got a black guy, too” card when it made Michael Steele the Republican National Committee chairman after President Obama took office, and we all know how that turned out.

Herman Cain: the Pokemon master quit

I didn’t post this earlier because it’s taken a week to lift my jaw from the floor:

Herman Cain quoted “Pokemon” on his exit from the presidential campaign. It’s a fitting end to a national nightmare. He’s gone the way of Team Rocket.

The Cain mutiny: Herman is out

This really isn’t a surprise (from the New York Times):

An unapologetic and defiant Herman Cain suspended his presidential campaign on Saturday, pledging that he “would not go away” even as he abandoned the Republican presidential race in the face of escalating accusations of sexual misconduct.

“As of today, with a lot of prayer and soul-searching, I am suspending my presidential campaign,” Mr. Cain said at a rally in Atlanta, surrounded by supporters chanting his name. “Because of the continued distractions, the continued hurt caused on me and my family, not because we are not fighters. Not because I’m not a fighter.”

The fact that he got as far as he did is amazing, considering his utter failure to grasp any major issue. But in the alternate universe that is GOP land, that was a qualification that showed he had an open mind. Not even the sexual harassment issue knocked him out. A 13-year affair proved to be unacceptable to his base, not to mention his wife.

So what does his future hold?

He gets a contract with Fox News to be the official representative of African Americans against Barack Obama. He sells more books. He gets high paying speaking gigs. He’ll syndicate a column. And in four years, he’ll be back in the political spotlight as a pliant media speculate on whether he’ll make another bid for the presidency.

But whatever he does, he should consider harvesting and bottling that pheromone he gives off that makes women come up with what he says are sexual fantasies about him. Put that in a commercial with a Barry White soundtrack in the back, and there’s his next million dollars.

(This was the greatest moment from “Ally McBeal.”)

The world according to Herman Cain

Herman Cain issued a rundown of his view of the world, including a map (I wish I was making this up):

Now, of course, he does explain what these references mean in a brochure that accompanies the map. You can pick it up at his Web site. (It’s not long, because he’s already said he doesn’t like to read.)

But when I saw that he created a map of the world, I immediately flashed on George W. Bush’s map of the world:

Seriously, what’s the diff?

Wouldn’t it be a lot simpler if Cain just went to the Disney Web site and got this map of Epcot. Then he could focus on the World Showcase for his foreign policy, and when he got bored, he could go over to Spaceship Earth, where he could figure out the future of NASA.

And, while I’m thinking about it, what does “The density of Facebook connections around the world” (see the lower right hand corner of Cain’s map) have to do with foreign policy? It’s almost like he found a Facebook map and photoshopped policy points on the different countries.

Oh, no! That’s exactly what he did! Here’s a 2010 post from Gawker:

Facebook intern Paul Butler, who created the map, writes that he wanted to see “how geography and political borders affected where people lived relative to their friends.” He took about ten million friendships—that is, pairs of Facebook friends—and, using the locations provided by those friends, calculated the number of friendships between cities.

By combining the data he got from Facebook with the coordinates of the cities on the globe, and plotting weighted lines between cities—the brighter a line, the more friends between those cities—he produced what he describes as a “surprisingly detailed” map of the world. And detailed it is, especially in the U.S. and Western Europe. But the map also shows the big gaps in Facebook’s global dominance: China, for example, is indistinguishable from deserts or oceans, as is much of Africa.

How has it gotten to the point that a candidate for president of the most powerful country on the planet seems to be intentionally mocking himself? If this were a television show, we would have gone way beyond the “jump the shark” moment.

Raising Cain

Here’s a news flash. The former frontrunner for the GOP nomination (you know, the serial sexual harasser) is a long-time adulterer.

How could you even consider running for president and not expect this stuff to get out?

At least, the current frontrunner for the GOP nomination (you know, the serial adulterer) marries the women he has affairs with.

And a member of the GOP has no right to use the following as a defense, considering how the party jammed the Monica Lewinsky scandal down our throats.

“This is not an accusation of harassment in the workplace – this is not an accusation of an assault – which are subject matters of legitimate inquiry to a political candidate,” said attorney Lin Wood, who Cain hired after several sexual harassment allegations surfaced against him earlier this month.

“Rather, this appears to be an accusation of private, alleged consensual conduct between adults – a subject matter which is not a proper subject of inquiry by the media or the public. No individual, whether a private citizen, a candidate for public office or a public official, should be questioned about his or her private sexual life.”

They just refuse to give the nomination to Romney, already

So the serial harasser has lost ground among the tea party crowd, and, as a result, the serial adulterer has taken the lead in the GOP race for the presidential nomination from Public Policy Polling:

Newt Gingrich has taken the lead in PPP’s national polling. He’s at 28% to 25% for Herman Cain and 18% for Mitt Romney. The rest of the Republican field is increasingly looking like a bunch of

The frontrunner

also rans: Rick Perry is at 6%, Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul at 5%, Jon Huntsman at 3%, and Gary Johnson and Rick Santorum each at 1%.
Compared to a month ago Gingrich is up 13 points, while Cain has dropped by 5 points and Romney has gone down by 4. Although a fair amount of skepticism remains about the recent allegations against Cain there is no doubt they are taking a toll on his image- his net favorability is down 25 points over the last month from +51 (66/15) to only +26 (57/31). What is perhaps a little more surprising is that Romney’s favorability is at a 6 month low in our polling too with only 48% of voters seeing him favorably to 39% with a negative opinion.

So when Newt blows up, does that mean Rick Santorum will be the GOP flavor of the month?

Honestly, if Romney wasn’t such a weasel, he would have had a better chance getting the Democratic presidential nomination.