Will Republicans play nice when Obama leaves office?

Uh, no:

UPDATE: Ark. GOP official resigns after controversial comments about Hillary Clinton.

A state Republican Party official resigned Wednesday after comments he reportedly made about Hillary Clinton.

According to a U.S. News & World Report blog, 2nd Congressional District Chairman Johnny Rhoda was asked by reporters how Clinton would fare in Arkansas if she were to run for president in 2016.

His reported reply: “She’d probably get shot at the state line.”

And now that he’s resigned, is he apologizing?

Rhoda, a church pastor and insurance agent, said later that he didn’t mean the remark in a threatening way and that it had been quoted “out of context” and “blown out of proportion.”

Those church pastors in Red States and guns. A real fun group. And this is coming from a guy in a state where Hillary was first lady back when Bill was governor. And we all remember the nice things Republicans said about Bill when he was president.

Look, we know Hillary isn’t running … YET … but these guys are going to be dicks no matter what Democrat is in the White House.

The right’s new hero


Did you notice how when the GOP’s favorite rancher and Tea Party terrorist, Cliven Bundy, got in touch with his inner racist, Benghazi all of a sudden became the urgent Fox News/Republican talking point? That and new criticism of Hillary Clinton?

Karl Rove suggested at a conference Thursday that Hillary Clinton suffered a “traumatic brain injury,” according to the New York Post’s Page Six.

“Thirty days in the hospital? And when she reappears, she’s wearing glasses that are only for people who have traumatic brain injury?” Rove told the audience, as quoted by the Post. “We need to know what’s up with that.”

The Post reported that Rove repeated the claim several times at the conference, where he was speaking alongside former Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs and CBS correspondent Dan Raviv. He urged Republicans to continue pressing for answers about the Benghazi attacks and said voters deserve to know about the former secretary of state’s health issues if she decides to run for president, according to the Post.

The scumbaggery never ceases to amaze. (You know, of course, that the New York Post is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who, coincidence of coincidences, owns Fox News.)

Stupid is as stupid does: The GOP says Hillary is old

For those of you keeping track of what the Republican campaign strategy will be if Hillary Rodham Clinton runs for president in 2016 (via Jezebel):

GOP strategists are trying very hard to remind potential voters in the 2016 presidential election that Hillary Clinton (who hasn’t even decided whether to run yet) will be old when she hypothetically assumes office. Like, really old.

Older than Ronald Reagan when he assumed office? No, actually — a year younger than him. Older than John McCain (who was, to be fair, dogged with worries that he was too old to be president) when he ran in 2008? No, no — three years younger, as a matter of fact. Clinton will be 69 by the next presidential election, and though the GOP has put forward no shortage of Old White Candidates in past presidential elections (including Bob Dole the oldest ever at 73), this hasn’t stopped the likes of Republibros like Mitt Romney strategist/chief jester Stuart Stevens and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker from making jibes about Clinton’s age. Honestly, does anyone think this strategy won’t backfire horribly?

Uh … they don’t think it will backfire because they create their own reality. You know: Mitt Romney is going to win in a landslide. Sarah Palin is a perfect candidate for vice president. Rick Santorum and Herman Cain should be in the White House. Newt Gingrich is the perfect spokesman for family values. Benghazi is the greatest American tragedy since 9/11.

So, why would a bunch of fat old white guys not think that focusing on Hillary’s age is a viable strategy?


The next big (faux) scandal

I’ll give this one a few weeks to be blown all out of proportion, but the media powers on the right are drumming up a new scandal that promises to reach the level of congressional hearings, GOP presidential campaign posturing and breathless coverage from late-coming news outlets with “exclusive” developments.

Here’s the first volley:

WASHINGTON — A State Department whistleblower has accused high-ranking staff of a massive coverup — including keeping a lid on findings that members of then-Secretary Hillary Clinton’s security detail and the Belgian ambassador solicited prostitutes.

A chief investigator for the agency’s inspector general wrote a memo outlining eight cases that were derailed by senior officials, including one instance of interference by Clinton’s chief of staff, Cheryl Mills.

Any mention of the cases was removed from an IG report about problems within the Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS), which provides protection and investigates crimes involving any State Department workers overseas.

“It’s a coverup,” declared Cary Schulman, a lawyer representing the whistleblower, former State Department IG senior investigator Aurelia Fedenisn.“The whole agency is impaired.

That’s the breathless report from the New York Post, owned by Rupert Murdoch, so you know Fox News is gearing up the machinery for a full-blown account. And since Rupert is interested, the “legitimate” media will start following once Fox is in full force.

So let’s parse this.

The State Department is being blasted for not pursuing rumors of sexual actions by its representatives. This isn’t even third-hand knowledge. The people alleged to have done the deeds never said anything (they’d be stupid to). The people who made the allegations just said there were “rumors” that this was going on. And the people who passed on the rumors were questioned by at least a third party who filed a report of rumors. There are no police reports saying this happened. And unlike the sex scandal involving Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey, which now appears to have been a scam perpetrated by a right-wing media outlet, no prostitute has appeared before the microphones and said this happened.

If that’s not solid evidence, what is?

This doesn’t even rise to the level of last year’s Secret Service prostitution scandal. Remember that? When agents scouting Colombia before an official Obama visit solicited prostitutes and refused to pay for services rendered?

You see, that was a legitimate scandal because we had this little thing called PROOF! There was yelling in a hotel. Police were called. Prostitutes said “that guy didn’t give me my money.” It all was part of a police intervention. There’s no doubt it happened.

This incendiary State Department scandal is based on rumors with the flames being fanned by the usual mouthpieces.

Is there any validity to the rumors? No one knows. But let’s look at the reaction of the Belgian ambassador.

Gutman said today in a statement,”I am angered and saddened by the baseless allegations that have appeared in the press and to watch the four years I have proudly served in Belgium smeared is devastating.

“I live on a beautiful park in Brussels that you walk through to get to many locations and at no point have I ever engaged in any improper activity.”

I lived in Brussels. Here’s my interpretation and some information I’ve picked up from various sources.

The “beautiful park” nearest the U.S. Embassy in Brussels is Brussels Park across from the Palace not far from l’Église Notre Dame du Sablon and the museum area.

800px-Brussels_Park_in_summer_2007_1Given the context of the quote, the ambassador is saying that the allegations are that he was picking up prostitutes in this park.

Prostitutes don’t work that park. It’s a highly policed, popular tourist area. It’s the site of music festivals and art exhibits. Prostitutes would never be tolerated there.

Besides, the prostitutes are on display in windows outside the Gare du Nord or working an area south of the high end shops at the Toison d’Or. This is common knowledge.

Oh, yeah. And prostitution is legal in Belgium. If you’re trying to give a scandal a little more heft, throw in underage prostitutes. That’s illegal and seems to be the push that makes people in Europe pay attention. (Just ask Silvio Berlusconi.)

If the rumors are even trying to claim the ambassador was ditching his security detail and picking up hookers in Brussels Park, they’re absurd.

But if the rumors, as tenuous as they are, are true, why is this issue bubbling up now?

As if her 2016 White House intentions haven’t already been hashed and rehashed, Hillary Rodham Clinton renewed that conversation Monday with her very own hashtag – joining Twitter to much fanfare.

Oh! I see.

Hillary’s 2016 numbers come back down to Earth: Yes, it’s early to discuss 2016. Yes, everything right now is speculation. And, yes, so much can happen in the next two or three years. But it’s Friday, and we have a new 2016 poll to chew on. According to a new Quinnipiac survey, Hillary Clinton still looks strong against potential GOP competitors, but her numbers — not surprisingly — have come back down to earth. She leads both Jeb Bush (48%-40%) and Rand Paul (49%-41%) by eight points. Yet back in a March Quinnipiac survey, she was ahead of Marco Rubio by 16 points (50%-34%) and Paul Ryan by 12 (50%-38%), though her edge against the popular Chris Christie was smaller (45%-37%).

Oh! You see!

Hillary’s poll numbers are higher than all of her possible Republican opponents. The last GOP barrage was on Benghazi, which didn’t generate much traction, but did help to chip away the lead she had in earlier polls. So the anti-Hillary forces are going with sex scandals as the Benghazi backup.

I’m sure I’ll be posting more on this.

Tea baggers love bestiality

There’s not much more to say once you see the top of this Mother Jones article:

An internal investigation of FreedomWorks—the prominent conservative advocacy group and super-PAC—has focused on president Matt Kibbe’s management of the organization, his use of its resources, and a controversial book deal he signed, according to former FreedomWorks officials who have met with the private lawyers conducting the probe. One potential topic for the inquiry is a promotional video produced last year under the supervision of Adam Brandon, executive vice president of the group and a Kibbe loyalist. The video included a scene in which a female intern wearing a panda suit simulates performing oral sex on Hillary Clinton. [Author’s note: The previous sentence contains no typos.]

First: How do you even think up something as nuts as this?

Second: Why would you film it?

Third: Did the intern really want to do this? I don’t think it was in the job description.


Obama and Clinton

President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton did an interview with “60 Minutes.” Seems like just an Obama “Thank you” for four years of service, but I’m sure the folks a few blocks away from me around the Washington Mall are going to turn this into a Obama disses Biden frenzy.

Remember a little more than four years ago how the pundit class said how much these two hated each other?

Stupid is as stupid does: the Rand Paul edition

Hillary Clinton went before Congress today to answer questions about the Sept. 11, 2011, attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, where four Americans were killed.

Benghazi has been a GOP wet dream, because the party and its Fox News propaganda outlet have been declaring it the worst U.S. tragedy since Osama bin Laden‘s Sept. 11, 2001, attack on the U.S.

Really that’s what they’re saying. Just ask Kentucky’s junior senator and senior Tea Bagger, Rand Paul:

“I’m glad that you’re accepting responsibility,” said Paul. “I think ultimately with your leaving that you accept the culpability for the worst tragedy since 9/11. And I really mean that.”

Those are the words that actually came out of his mouth at the Clinton hearing today.

And that’s why he’s an idiot.

Because if he doesn’t think the mass shooting at a grade school in Newtown, Conn., was worse.

Because if he doesn’t think the mass shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colo., was worse.

Because if he doesn’t think the mass shooting at a Tucson “meet-your-congresswoman” rally was worse.

Because if he doesn’t think the total loss of an American city during Hurricane Katrina was worse.

Because if he doesn’t think the lies his party told that got us into a war against a country that had nothing to do with the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the U.S. were worse.

Then he’s incapable of rational thought, and everyone who put him in the Senate should be personally humiliated.