Memories of history

Pew took a poll asking people if they remember where they were when certain major historical events happened. The requirement for memory was the person had to be eight or older when it happened.


I wasn’t around for Pearl Harbor, but I remember the nine other events. The ones with the higher percentages are the ones I remember the most. (Via the International Business Times.)

JFK on the warpath over a bed

Back in 1963, the Air Force bought a $5,000 bed to be available if a pregnant Jackie Kennedy went to labor.

President John F. Kennedy was not amused:

That’s the first time I’ve heard a recording of JFK swearing. Sounds like he was pretty good at it.

FDR: Don’t trust the GOP on fiscal matters

A few words to consider from Franklin Roosevelt about negotiating with Republicans, as we approach the “fiscal cliff”:

Republicans will drive us over the cliff, if we let them.

(Via Daily Kos)

Four more years of paranoia: A cartoon perspective

This came out early in President Obama‘s first term (Yeah, OK, I just said “first term” to rub it in):

And judging from the recent reaction by the losers of last week’s election, they still believe it.

There are a bunch of these Get Your War On cartoons on YouTube. Check them out here. And here’s the link to the GYWO site.

How the Civil War applies to politics today

Digby took a look at the Red State/Blue State breakdown of recent presidential elections

Here’s 2000

Here’s 2004

Here’s 2008

Then, she put up this map of the free states and the slave owning or slavery sympathizing states in 1860:

And suddenly, it all makes sense. The bulk of the blue states represent the Union. The bulk of the red states represent the confederacy. The states and territories usually won by Democrats were the ones against slavery and fought to preserve America. The states and territories most likely to be won by Republicans believed in slavery and fought to destroy the United States.

Keep that in mind as the next election season rolls around.