The limited future of print journalism

A few weeks ago, I was at a dinner party where the discussion turned to the future of newspapers and magazines. Two different people, a writer around my age and a young recent college graduate, were telling me about the joy of holding a newspaper and how that is something they’ll never give up.

I’m wasn’t so optimistic. I actually prefer reading the news on a computer screen, preferably on a handheld device. Then this video reinforced my sense of doom for print:

This baby will grow up in a world where you can read any newspaper or magazine from anywhere on the planet at any time you want. Maybe media companies will figure out a way to monetize their content, but from an environmental standpoint, I suspect there are going to be a lot fewer dead trees.

Techno junkie

I’m on the road, headed for a new job, and as I settle in temporary housing, I realize what a techno junkie I’ve become.

I brought a computer, an iPad, an iPhone, HDMI cables and assorted keyboards, mice and chargers, totally set to blog and surf the web.

But the temporary housing is a couple of years behind me. I was all set to use the television here as a monitor, but it doesn’t have an HDMI port. That is so 2005.

My fallback was to use the iPad, but there’s no wireless Internet in this apartment. (paying more money to AT&T for a 3G connection is out of the question)

So here I am, typing out a post on the iPhone’s tiny keyboard.

Now that’s desperation. Gotta get a blog fix somehow.