James O’Keefe and the media: a failure on both sides

In the Nadia Naffe opus on her being held by right-wing sting clown James O’Keefe, she explains that one of the reasons she worked with the cartoon pimp was to set up an New York University professor named Charles Seife for alleged liberal biases.

Charles Seife isn’t well known. He doesn’t appear to have an abundance of influence over the political process. So why was O’Keefe after him?

Because Seife caught O’Keefe breaking the law … again.

O’Keefe was running a non-profit called Project Veritas (veritas is truth in Latin). Only, that was a lie. It wasn’t a non-profit because papers were never filed. Here are the details from Seife:

Project Veritas was not a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and donations were, as a result, not tax-deductible. James O’Keefe had apparently committed an illegal act that could have caused donors unwittingly to make false claims on their taxes.

I finally had my answer. James O’Keefe was apparently breaking the law. So did I contact my friends in the liberal elite press establishment to try to make it a huge story? I could have gone to Romenesko, or sent it to my colleagues on major papers around the country. But I didn’t.

For me, what O’Keefe had done wasn’t a major story. Boil it down and O’Keefe’s violation was pretty technical and easily correctible — once I got his attention, he quickly altered his website to remove the claim of nonprofit status — and, in my view, it would be petty to go after him because of it. O’Keefe was in the public eye because of his unethical (and occasionally illegal) surveillance of his enemies. A misleading phrase or two on his website, as dishonest as they might be, seemed to me to be small potatoes — and irrelevant to the much more substantial discussion about O’Keefe’s tactics.

Rather than make a big deal of it, I did a quick tweet to let my small handful of followers know the denouement to the saga — I had a few who had asked for updates — and I promptly forgot about the matter.

Apparently, O’Keefe didn’t.

So O’Keefe is a panty-stealing liar, stalker and criminal. And the American media fell for his NPR and Acorn stings that damaged institutions performing important public services.

Way to go, guys.

The heart of darkness and a New Jersey barn

Remember James O’Keefe, the right-wing Breitbart accolade whose lies about a pimp charade brought down the community group Acorn? And remember his failed rape/stalker stunt with a female CNN reporter?

Well, there are a couple of very strange posts by a right-wing female blogger named Nadia Naffe that indicate an extremely dark side of O’Keefe’s character. Her first post has this as the first paragraph:

I thought I could put the weekend of October 2nd, 2011 behind me. But it seems to keep popping up every time I look over my shoulder. The public is looking to me to connect the dots about what actually happened that evening which led me to file a criminal harassment complaint against James O’keefe in court.

But her second post, where she describes being lured to a barn as a pretext to plot against certain liberals, goes into some really disturbing behavior:

After hours of your continued refusal to transport me out of this remote area, I began calling several people I knew asking for help. Ryan tried to understand why I was crying, and so desperate to leave, but I was too sick and nauseated from the alcohol to tell Ryan what you had done. My last resort was to threaten to call the police. It was only then, did you agree to take me to the train station in New York. I had hoped this would be a smooth process, but with you James, there is no nuance.

When you returned to the barn, you brought an older white male with you to intimidate me. You never advised me of his presence. He stood in the dark, hiding downstairs behind the staircase. I heard his footsteps and began screaming and shouting at the both of you. I thought you brought him there to assault me. But even as I screamed and yelled at you and that man, you and he persisted in trying to convince me to spend the night in the barn.

James, I am not a fool. The barn is the same place where you taped intimate moments with Emma, without her knowledge. You are looking for a reason to blame me for what happened that night, so that you can become the victim. Perhaps, you believe by denigrating my personal character and using the same sexually suggestive tactics that are currently being used against Herman Cain, that my reputation will be ruined and so that yours can be spared. But James, the only place your version of the facts has any merit is in your paranoid head.

The criminal harassment complaint was dismissed in December.

Still, there’s something consistently odd here. Posing as a pimp. Plotting a sexcapade with a CNN reporter. Luring a woman to a barn and refusing to let her leave.

I once wrote this about him:

O’Keefe is a liar. Everything he does is a lie. Anyone who puts him on air saying he’s telling the truth is actively engaging in and encouraging a lie. If you see his face on your television set everything that comes out of his mouth will be a lie.

I apparently underestimated how evil, and dangerous, he really is.

NPR should learn “The Chicago way”

I haven’t said much about James O’Keefe (the right-wing’s Ashton Kutcher) and how he Punk’d NPR recently because I’ve already expressed my views on him:

O’Keefe is a liar. Everything he does is a lie. Anyone who puts him on air saying he’s telling the truth is actively engaging in and encouraging a lie. If you see his face on your television set everything that comes out of his mouth will be a lie.

But what really pisses me off in the wake of all this is NPR. It’s in a fight for its life. The right wing is giving it the full Acorn treatment and won’t be satisfied until it’s dead. And despite all this, it isn’t fighting back.

Atrios has the perfect reaction to this:

I’ve really lost interest in defending organizations that are uninterested in defending themselves.

Jon Stewart has already used NPR and pussies in the same segment.

And Media Matters chronicled how NPR has let O’Keefe get away with this crap before, without even pointing out the reality that … (see my quote above).

NPR repeatedly covered O’Keefe, and adopted his (false) claims about what his videos showed. But only a single NPR report available on Nexis contained so much as an allegation that he’d ever been less than honest. NPR’s coverage of O’Keefe helped enhance his stature and credibility. And then he peddled a misleading videotape of an NPR executive, and the media ran with it, badly damaging NPR.

Right now, NPR should at least be like Sean Connery in “The Untouchables.”

But I think it’s gone beyond that point. NPR should go Robert De Niro on him:

There’s a certain president in Washington who can learn from this movie.

Get it right, already!

James O’Keefe, the right-wing clown whose antics led to the collapse of an organization that helped poor people, is back in the news for a creepy rape/stalker stunt he was planning to pull on a CNN reporter.

There was a pretty good explanation of it all on Daily Kos recently.

But the coverage of this by other media outlets reiterates, in error, a deception he pulled during his Acorn “sting.” News organizations keep saying he was dressed as a pimp when he went to Acorn’s offices to secretly tape workers.

He wasn’t dressed as a pimp. Don’t they get it? Do I have to shout it? HE WASN’T DRESSED AS A PIMP.

He went into the office in normal clothes, then later taped himself in the pimp outfit and spliced it into the earlier videotape to make it look like the Acorn staffers were too stupid to figure out what was going on.

Law-enforcement officials investigated the matter and found that Acorn did nothing wrong. They called the police after he left to report that he was planning child prostitution and had to be stopped. That was never revealed in the initial coverage, brought to you, of course, by Fox News.

O’Keefe is a liar. Everything he does is a lie. Anyone who puts him on air saying he’s telling the truth is actively engaging in and encouraging a lie. If you see his face on your television set everything that comes out of his mouth will be a lie.

Pay attention, people. His lies crippled an organization that was doing good. He’s the boy who cries wolf. Will someone unleash a wolf to eat him already?