At home at the art show

Today is the final day of the St. James Court Art Show in Louisville. It’s pretty convenient for me, because it’s taking place right outside my door. Over the course of the three day show, it’s estimated that 300,000 people will wander through the Old Louisville neighborhood, viewing the work of 750 artists that covers an area from Third Street to Sixth Street (east to west) and Magnolia Street to Hill Street (north to south).

On my front porch alone, I’m able to see textiles, photography, wooden toys, jade jewelry, glass flowers and elaborate hair pins. We’ve already exceeded the budget for art purchases (not that we’ve had a lot of money to devote to art).

And the people just keep coming. In addition to the art, our house seems to be drawing a lot of interest. People are stopping on the sidewalk and photographing it.

We’ve had a number of former residents come by to tell us the house’s history. So far, three people have stopped by and said, “Did you know Maria Callas once sang from your balcony?” “Did you know Marsha Norman and Kathy Bates used to live here?” And my favorite, “You remember the father from ‘Family Ties?’ He used to live here.”

Yes, we’ve heard the stories. One day, I’ll send a fan letter to Marsha Norman and Kathy Bates and Alex Keaton’s dad to find out if the plumbing was as bad then as it is now.

In the meantime, I’ll circulate around some more for the final day, and get some culture.