Speak of the Devils! Please?!

When a New York team makes it into the finals of a major championship, you’d expect that to be Big News in the Big Apple.

But this is what you see sinking down the home page of the New York Times Web site if you’re a New York area hockey fan:

And a minute after I captured the image, the Devils win over the Rangers sank to the number three spot on the already buried list.

Honestly, that’s really lame. You have no idea what the Devils knocked the Rangers out of. Even worse, you can’t even tell that the Devils are going to compete in the Stanley Cup finals!  A couple of weeks ago, I was hoping the Washington Capitals were going to knock the Rangers out, not because I’m a Caps fan, but because I’m walking distance from the Verizon Center and I figured I could score some tickets to watch the Devils beat the Caps on their way to the Stanley Cup final.

At least that would have been big news on the Washington Post’s home page.

The Devils may be in New Jersey, but so are football’s Giants and Jets, and the Times went overboard when the Giants got into the Super Bowl.

But then, we are talking about hockey here.

The New Jersey Devils and the Los Angeles Kings will face off for the Stanley Cup. They represent the two largest media markets in America. The National Hockey League needs a high profile championship series. If this matchup doesn’t generate any significant ratings, maybe it’ll just be time for the NHL to hang up its skates, and we’ll all have to be satisfied with watching NHL players during the Olympics every four years.

At least that seems to generate some interest.