Louisville Cardinals: Cashing in

Apparently, the home team is pulling down cash like it’s an NBA franchise:

And yes, some of that cash used to be mine. I’ll be handing over more in a couple of weeks when Hartford comes to the Yum Center in Louisville to play the Cardinals.

Louisville letdown: Drowning the St. James Court Art Show

I traveled from Washington to Louisville to participate in the three-day St. James Court Art Show. Things were pretty odd in Washington the past couple of weeks (A mass shooting, a psychotic driver, a human torch on the Mall, and the Republican shutdown of the government), so I wanted to get away to do something fun.


The deluge before the flood

And then:

Organizers shut down the St. James Court Art Show an hour early on Saturday and called off today’s final day because of heavy rain and the threat of thundershowers — cutting the popular event short for the first time in 57 years.

“You have to think about safety. Lightning and metal poles don’t mix,” said Bette Kennedy, volunteer coordinator for the show. “It’s just really, really sad.”

The show was one of at least three local events washed out by the rain. Also canceled was the Hosparus Lunar 5K, which had been scheduled to take place Saturday evening starting at the New Albany (Ind.) Riverfront Amphitheater, and the Big Rock Jazz and Blues Fest, which had been scheduled for today in Cherokee Park.

Unbelievable. But it rained all day Sunday. Parts of Louisville were flooded and at least a dozen people had to be rescued from the water. And it was totally soaked around my house, where some of the art show takes place.

And it really sucked for the artists. They came from all over the country because the show draws hundreds of thousands of people during the three-day period. More than 700 booths were set up, and occupied, with all kinds of art: painting, photography, sculpture, textiles, jewelry.

Tile painters, who were set up in front of my house, had driven all the way from New Mexico. Jade sculptors, who were also located in front of my house, were about to break down their tent when a last minute buyer showed up. And hour later, they had sold $5,000 worth of jewelry. Can you imagine how much more they would have made if they had another day to work with?

What a letdown. I wanted to hear the artists’ stories and my door was open to anyone who wanted to come in (and a bunch did). Instead, I was stuck indoors on Sunday, no art show outside.

Kevin Ware’s Top 10 list

Outside of a horrific injury, Kevin Ware has had a really good week. He’s now one of the best known players in Louisville basketball history, and he isn’t even a starter. He’s the talk of the nation in terms of inspiration. He’s done an interview with ESPN. And he presents David Letterman’s Top 10 list.
Oh,yeah. And his team is in college basketball’s Final Four.
UofL’s Final Four matchup is today. The cards are favored by about 10 points, and Ware will attend. Expect lots of shots of Ware watching the game during the CBS coverage.


The long national drive is over

Since Thursday, Dec. 27, I’ve picked up a car in Louisville and driven to Milwaukee, where I visited and bowled at the Holler House, which has an interesting distinction in the sporting world:


Then drove back to Louisville, got a different car and drove to New Orleans, where I visited the Superdome with a few thousand neighbors and saw this:


That’s the final score of the Sugar Bowl just after the Cardinals headed out with the winning trophy.

Then I drove back to Louisville.

So, I’ve driven, essentially, the north to south length of the United States twice.

It’s a big country, but somebody has to drive it. More on that tomorrow.



A new arena has just opened in Louisville, Kentucky. It’s called the KFC Yum! Center, named of course after the company that brings us Kentucky Fried Chicken (plus Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Long John Silver’s and A&W root beer).

The Eagles (the band, not the football team) opened the facility with a concert this weekend, but what the center is going to be best known for is college basketball. It will be the home court for the University of Louisville Cardinals basketball team. A ticket to a game runs about $60 for a lower level seat, and there’s a waiting list for season tickets. I’ll probably splurge on a ticket to a women’s basketball game: only $10.