This seems obvious, but …

Fox News got rid of Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum before they announced they were going to run for president, because it determined they were going to run for president.

Fox News didn’t get rid of Mike Huckabee around the same time, because it determined he wasn’t going to run for president mostly because he didn’t want to give up the big paycheck Fox was giving him. In fact, Fox gave him a deadline to find out what his intentions were.

Fox News still has Sarah Palin. The half-term governor has already shown she’s more interested in getting a big paycheck than having to work at governing. Fox News gives her a big paycheck. That indicates she isn’t going to run for president.

Can we now, like, ignore her forever?

Junk for brains

There are so many reasons to rail against full body scans and extreme pat downs that American travelers have to go through because of heightened airport security.

But then, some idiot always comes along to justify the whole procedure.

David Huckabee, 26, was arrested for having a weapon in a prohibited area, according to an incident document from the Little Rock District Court.

The report says a gun was found in his carry on luggage by TSA x-ray machines as he attempted to pass through security.

When asked by authorities why he tried to pass through security with a gun, David Huckabee said he forgot he had a weapon in his luggage.

Our friends on the right keep saying that instead of putting everyone through the onerous procedures, the TSA should focus on racial profiling. You know the broken record: Check out everyone who looks like a Muslim.

But Huckabee is someone who wouldn’t fit in the right’s racial-profiling procedures. He’s a white guy from Arkansas. But how the hell can you be so stupid that you “forget” you have a gun in your carry-on luggage?

Wait a minute! Huckabee? Arkansas? No, it can’t be. But of course, it is:

The youngest son of former Arkansas governor and current Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee was taken into custody this morning at Little Rock National Airport.

Yes, I buried the lead.

Yes, I did it intentionally.

But note that he didn’t go through a full-body scan, and no one had to touch his junk. His bag was scanned. Like it’s always been done. And the scan worked.