Property damage costs in Godzilla (1998)

I haven’t had chance to see the new “Godzilla” with Bryan Cranston, but I did see the one with Matthew Broderick where the big lizard (is that what Godzilla is) wrecked New York City.

How much do you think it would cost to fix New York after that one?

A substantial figure. But I suspect the new “Godzilla” is going to top that number.

TIme Machine: Charlie Chaplin (1914)

Charlie Chaplin started making movies 100 years ago this year, including this one:

It’s called “Making a Living,” and Chaplin isn’t the Little Tramp in this one. He’s the Swindler. It’s possible the Little Tramp hadn’t been created yet, but the slapstick quality of that character is seen in this one.

I don’t know much about the West Coast, but I’m guessing this is Los Angeles. My limited knowledge of streetcars and Los Angeles comes from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” though. But then I saw the palm trees and the Fremont Hotel, though the hilly streets threw me off and made me think of San Francisco. I guess I have no idea where this is.

Anyway, as I usually point out in these Time Machine posts, look at the technology. The automobiles are essentially new. The mode of mass transportation is the streetcar. Roving photographers appear to have been pretty common, and it seems newspapers were printing photos at the time. Plus, we get a chance to see the movie world’s perspective on how a newspaper was put together in 1914.

By the way, the police in this movie? Those are the Keystone Kops.

2014: The year of Scarlett Johansson

It looks like Scarlett Johansson is becoming the superhero of 2014. She’s in the new Captain America movie:

She’s a space alien in “Under the Skin”:

And this summer, she’s going to be some kind of super smart, strong, deadly character in Luc Besson’s “Lucy”:

That’s three movies to look forward to in the coming months.