Another GOP adulterer running for election

Mark Sanford, a Republican, was South Carolina’s governor from 2003 to 2011. For six days in 2009, he disappeared. No one knew where he was. Not his security detail. Not his family. When he reappeared, he told the state that he had gone on a hike on the Appalachian Trail. It was a lie. He was with his mistress in South America. On state expense. He’s an adulterer, and he said this wasn’t the only time he had cheated on his wife.

This year, he decided to run for Congress. On the night he won the Republican nomination, he introduced his young son to his mistress. On stage. In front of supporters.

article-2310734-190DE21F000005DC-604_634x479 That’s his son, not looking at his father or his father’s mistress.

Mark Sanford is a douche bag.

Recently, the douche bag held a debate with a cardboard cutout of California Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi:

1367027161263.cachedI hope the people of South Carolina realize that the cardboard cutout has more integrity than Mark Sanford.

Now, Sanford isn’t running against the cardboard cutout of Nancy Pelosi. Oddly, South Carolina doesn’t cardboard cutouts file papers to run in elections. Just empty suits.

His opponent is Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch. She’s Stephen Colbert’s sister. She has more integrity than Mark Sanford. We’ll see if South Carolinians prefer integrity (with an occasional visiting infusion of comic genius) or a lying adulterous scumbag.

Nancy Pelosi defends her friend, Newt Gingrich

This is political genius:

Never mind that this is kind of a bait and switch, because Stephen Colbert‘s PAC does have to report its donors. You can link to that here.

But for Nancy Pelosi to sit there and say “Even using his super PAC to attack my friend, Newt Gingrich” … well, that’s just worth the price of admission to watch the Bizarro World dead spin in their graves.

As they say in the European land of baguette lovers, “Bien fait, Madame.”

Who’s taking care of the House?

Rachel Maddow a couple of nights ago put together a very interesting hypothesis: John Boehner is bad at his job.

She goes through his performance as Speaker of the House this past month (that’s how long he’s had the job) and finds constant failure:

Two things:

1) She has a strong argument. The House is a mess. Boehner not only isn’t good at herding cats, which is what the job entails, he isn’t even good at giving the impression that he can get himself organized. And as Maddow says, when the President Bush the First and family mock you on national TV, you’re in trouble.

2) Nancy Pelosi was one of the best Speakers of the House that America has ever had. When you consider the discipline she put on that body, and her ability to get extremely controversial measures to the floor for a vote … AND WIN … you realize that’s the reality of effective government.

The current management of the House of Representatives is a disaster. Boehner isn’t going to turn it around soon. People aren’t aware of it now, but in a month, the House has to pass legislation that’s going to keep the government operating. Chances are, the Republicans, who control the House, are going to fail. The government is going to shut down. People are going to be extremely pissed.

When the dust settles, place your bets on Nancy Pelosi being the one to get the government operating again.

John Boehner will be somewhere crying.