Rick Pitino and the guys go to Washington

Is there a better way to cap off a great year for the University of Louisville sports program?

The Cardinals basketball team meets the president. They have a ceremony where politicians from both sides of the aisle are actually civil to one another. Obama gives a pretty good recap of the NCAA tournament, and Rick Pitino gives a speech praising the city and school he’s adopted.

All that’s missing?

The first lady …

And Russ Smith. Where is he anyway? (From NBC Sports):

Russdiculous is going international.

A preseason All-American and the leading scorer for the reigning national champs, Russ Smith has been named a member of the East Coast All-Stars, a 12-man team that left for Estonia to play in a tournament called the Four Nations Cup. …

He also won’t be in attendance as the Cardinals make a trip to the White House on Tuesday, which is actually a national tragedy: We won’t get a chance to see what happens when Russ Smith meets President Obama.

That would be a sight. Well, there’s always next year.


March Madness ends Monday

The Louisville Cardinals and the Michigan Wolverines meet in the NCAA championship game. I suspect there will be no classes on either campus Monday. And a lot of basketball fans will be taking a day off from work.

Like me. Got a ticket to the game, used a bunch of miles for the flight to Atlanta and got the cheapest hotel room I could find near the airport. Then it’s back to work the next day.

It was great to watch the Louisville football team beat Florida’s Gators in the Sugar Bowl, but to should the basketball team win, that will be the Brobrubel Sports Highlight of the year. I wonder if I have anything red in my wardrobe.

(And let’s not forget the Louisville women have their Final Four game against Cal today. But I can’t make it to New Orleans.)


No. 3 seed UConn beat No. 8 seed Butler for the NCAA Division I men’s basketball title. The score was 53-41. Scoring was horrible (Butler only made 18.8% of its shots).

Now it’s on to the women’s final tonight, in a battle of No. 2 seeds: Notre Dame against Texas A&M. Expect more scoring, and since the game is in Indianapolis, Notre Dame, from South Bend, essentially has a home-field advantage.