Yankee’s Jeter joins 3,000 club

It’s pretty hard to believe that with all its World Series wins and all the players it has in baseball’s Hall of Fame, the New York Yankees never had a player who got 3,000 hits. Until yesterday.

Derek Jeter’s 3,000 career hit was a home run, which was pretty impressive when you consider that he’s not a home run hitter.

The guy’s been with one club his whole career. That’s unusual, too. The Yankees won tge World Series in 1996, the year Jeter was named Rookie of the Year.

He’s been a lock for the Hall of Fame for a while. Cooperstown might as well get the bust ready and make space for another Yankee (as long as he doesn’t pull a Pete Rose, a Barry Bonds or more recently a Roger Clemens).

Bean ball

As a New York Yankees fan, I feel it’s my duty to post this very troubling video. It is so disturbing, I can’t use an image here. I just have to simply use words to describe it. The video shows a Boston Red Sox fan driving his child to tears. (Though my son points out that under similar circumstances, I would have done the same to him.)

A WARNING TO YANKEE FANS: This video contains disturbing images of torture and abuse.

TO RED SOX FANS: This is responsible parenting.