The Thanksgiving pardon

President Obama does the annual turkey pardon. Popcorn and Carmel live to see another day. The jokes aren’t too bad either.


Some Thanksgiving advice to Obama

Now, no one in the White House will ever care what I say, and they’ll never look to me for stage management, but having worked in politics and in journalism, I’m pretty sure of this.

When you’re making an announcement that you’re pardoning two turkeys for Thanksgiving, you should never have two people you care about in the same shot with you during your media event.

Simply because, some news outlet or blogger, either out of ignorance or spite, is going to take a photo from the event of you with the two people and use the headline:

Obama pardons two turkeys for Thanksgiving.

I present exhibit A (and this is from a site that would support Obama over every Republican running).

Of course, nothing will ever match the Sarah Palin at the turkey pardon of 2008:

Closing a Door to the past

The Florida clemency board just pardoned Doors frontman Jim Morrison for a 1969 incident of indecent exposure and profanity at a Miami concert.

Morrison died in 1971 of a drug overdose. Safe to say the decision is irrelevant. Morrison didn’t seem the kind of guy who fretted about pissing off the Florida justice system.

Attorney General Bill McCollum, a member of the panel, said he was “disturbed” by all the attention paid to a dead celebrity when the board spent hours hearing cases involving living people seeking forgiveness trying to repair their lives.

Now, what would Jim be singing if he were alive to hear this?