The GOP’s idea of compromise


This is the Republican concept of compromise.

But there’s also this Republican compromise (via the Rude Pundit):

Sane Person: We need food. Can I use your car to go to the store?

Crazy Person: We do need food. However, you can use my car only if you punch yourself in the balls until you vomit.

Sane Person: That’s ridiculous. One thing has nothing to do with the other. How would that accomplish anything?

Crazy Person: It’s what I want.

Sane Person: Well, I guess we’ll just starve.

Crazy Person: Yes, but remember that if we starve, it will be your fault because you didn’t punch yourself in the balls until you vomit.



GOP madness: Rep. Randy Neugebauer of Texas

The shutdown is the fault of the Republican Party. Republican Rep. Randy Neugebauer of Texas supports the legislation that led to the shutdown. Because of the shutdown that Rep. Randy Neugebauer (R-Dickwad) supports, federal monuments nationwide are closed to visitors.

That includes the World War II Memorial in Washington D.C.

So since it’s closed TO EVERYONE, what does Rep. Randy Neugebauer (R-Teabag) do?

Because of Rep. Randy Neugebauer, federal employees who have to work won’t get paid until the shutdown is over. That includes the park ranger Rep. Randy Neugebauer (GOP-Scumsucker) is yelling at for enforcing a shutdown that Rep. Randy Neugebauer and his party created.

Oh yeah, and when Rep. Randy Neugebauer voted for the shutdown, he made sure that people like Rep. Randy Neugebauer would keep getting their paychecks during the shutdown.

Did I mention this bottom feeder’s name is Rep. Randy Neugebauer? Something for Texans to remember when they vote for congressmen in 2014.