Texas regulation: Organic farms or fertilizer plants?

Sometimes, you’ve gotta wonder about Texas:

A small organic farm in Arlington, Texas, was the target of a massive police action last week that included aerial surveillance, a SWAT raid and a 10-hour search.

Members of the local police raiding party had a search warrant for marijuana plants, which they failed to find at the Garden of Eden farm. But farm owners and residents who live on the property told a Dallas-Ft. Worth NBC station that the real reason for the law enforcement exercise appears to have been code enforcement. The police seized “17 blackberry bushes, 15 okra plants, 14 tomatillo plants … native grasses and sunflowers,” after holding residents inside at gunpoint for at least a half-hour, property owner Shellie Smith said in a statement. The raid lasted about 10 hours, she said.

Local authorities had cited the Garden of Eden in recent weeks for code violations, including “grass that was too tall, bushes growing too close to the street, a couch and piano in the yard, chopped wood that was not properly stacked, a piece of siding that was missing from the side of the house, and generally unclean premises,” Smith’s statement said. She said the police didn’t produce a warrant until two hours after the raid began, and officers shielded their name tags so they couldn’t be identified.

The state of Gov. Rick “Remember My Name Because I Don’t” Perry unloaded a swat team against an organic farm because its grass was too tall? Texas thinks this is worth regulating, but it won’t regulate this?

That’s the fertilizer plant that blew up in West Texas this past April. This is what Rick Perry said a few days after the explosion (from the Dallas Morning News):

Gov. Rick Perry said Monday that spending more state money on inspections would not have prevented the deadly explosion. He said that he remains comfortable with the state’s level of oversight and suggested that most Texas residents agree with him.

People “through their elected officials clearly send the message of their comfort with the amount of oversight,” he said.

Now obviously, the brain trust in Texas saw organic farm, thought “Hippies,” and came up with “They must be growing pot.” Except “17 blackberry bushes, 15 okra plants, 14 tomatillo plants … native grasses and sunflowers” are not pot. But even if there was weed amid the acreage, a burning field of marijuana, at worst, gives everyone a contact high. A burning fertilizer plant explodes and kills more than a dozen people and leave a bunch more injured.

So which one does Texas feel is the bigger threat to the population. Organic farms.


Oops: Get ready for the sequel


Gub’ner Rick “Oops!” Perry announced today that he won’t seek a fourth term as the Texas chief executive in 2014. He’s held the post longer than any other governor of the state. That kind of suggests he’s getting ready to run for president in 2016.

I mean, he did so well the last time:

The NRA owns the Republican Party

The National Rifle Association had its convention in Houston last week. I originally didn’t bother to find out anything about it because I already know what the message is. Nothing in the U.S. Constitution matters other than my right to have any kind of killing machine with a firing pin that I want.

But, I thought I’d take a look at the speakers lineup:

Glenn Beck
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas)
Former Gov. Sarah Palin (R-Alaska)
Former Rep. Asa Hutchinson (R-Arkansas)
Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton (R)
Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas)
Former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pennsylvania)
Gov. Bobby Jindl (R-Louisiana)
Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)
Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wisconsin)

So, the NRA meeting was really the Republican National Convention. And let’s stop pretending that the NRA is a bipartisan group. It’s the militia arm of the GOP.

And while we’re at it, this is not amusing (from Jonathan Capehart at the Washington Post):

I read with interest about Adam Kokesh’s outrageous plan for July 4.

The 31-year-old former Marine and radio talk show host wants to lead armed demonstrators on a march across Memorial Bridge from Arlington National Cemetery around the Capitol, Supreme Court and the White House. Kokesh is calling on the thousands he hopes will join him (as of this writing, the count stands at 2,673) to march “with rifles loaded & slung across our backs to put the government on notice that we will not be intimidated & cower in submission to tyranny.” …

While Kokesh insists that violence isn’t the protest’s aim, the threat of it lurks on his blog.

“This will be a non-violent event, unless the government chooses to make it violent. Should we meet physical resistance, we will peacefully turn back, having shown that free people are not welcome in Washington, & returning with the resolve that the politicians, bureaucrats, & enforcers of the federal government will not be welcome in the land of the free.”

We already know these domestic terrorists have a death fetish. They see nothing wrong with shooting up theaters and churches and schools, because the right of a psychopath to have a gun outweighs my right not to be shot by a psychopath with a gun.

I just plan to be somewhere else when this circus comes to town.


Perry storms Omaha Beach

Gov. Yosemite Sam of Texas went off on a tangent and compared his race for the White House to the allies storming Normandy in World War II.

Here are the details from MSNBC:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry today compared the GOP’s quest to defeat President Barack Obama to one of the deadliest battles of the D-Day landings in Normandy in 1944.

“This election is about stopping a president of the United States and his administration that is abusing the Constitution of this country, that is putting America on a track to bankruptcy,” Perry told a hotel ballroom packed with more than 200 volunteers.

“It is a powerful moment in Americans’ history, and you are on the front lines,” he added. “This is Concord. This is Omaha Beach. This is going up the hill realizing that the battle is worth winning.”

OK, let me get this straight. According to Rick Perry, the Iowa caucus is the equivalent of this:

Really, you can hardly tell the difference, right?

With the Serial Adulterer battling in Pearl Harbor and Yosemite Sam at Normandy, you get the sense that if they had been president at the time, we’d all be speaking German and Japanese today.

Well, depending what the final results are in the Iowa caucus, maybe they’ll just give the nomination to Romney already. Then we’ll at least be able to focus on one fount of crazy.

Another reason why voters hate Romney

There’s a reason why they’re not going to give the nomination to Mitt Romney, already:

If you can toss around a $10,000 bet and not realize you’ve just offended 90% of the population who realize $10,000 is a sum of money you don’t idly wager (remember when Michael Jordan was betting on putts), you have no business declaring yourself part of the middle class.

Romney probably lost Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina on that stupid remark. So when Newt Gingrich, the serial adulterer, melts down, who will be the next “not Romney” to be the GOP frontrunner.

Ron Paul, Rick Santorum or Jon Huntsman? Place your bets.

Rick Perry: judicial scholar

Haven’t we had enough of Rick Perry? The guy has no idea what he’s talking about:

As he railed against “activist” judges, Texas Gov. Rick Perry slipped up on not only the name of one of the Supreme Court justices but also on how many sit on the bench.

“When you see his appointment of two, from my perspective, inarguably activist judges whether it was …” Perry said in the Des Moines Register editorial board meeting, pausing for six seconds. “Not Montemayor …”

Sotomayor,” a member of the editorial board interrupted.

“Sotomayor, Sotomayor,” Perry said. “And Kagan are both activist judges.”

Monte Mayor, as those who live in Rick Perry Land know, was the host of “Let’s Make a Deal.” Who wants a judge who’s going to trade all your rights away for what’s behind Door Number 3? (And did you know Door Number 3 is an ad agency in Texas?)

And what’s worse, there are so many of those deal making judges on the Supreme Court:

Shortly after this flub, Perry referred to ”eight unelected” judges when discussing who should decide whether prayer is allowed in schools.

“For Washington to tell a local school district that you cannot have a prayer and a time of prayer in that school is, I think, offensive to most Americans. I trust the people of the states to make those decisions. I trust those independent school districts to make those decisions better than eight unelected, and frankly, unaccountable judges,” Perry said

But there are nine Supreme Court justices, not eight.

In Rick Perry Land, there are eight. Their names are Roberts, Kagan, Clarence, Montemayor, Grumpy, Dopey, Doc and Bashful (That Doc, he’s the smart one).

Perry should just stick to gays and Christmas. And as the guys on “Project Runway” will tell him, he needs to get rid of that “Brokeback Mountain” jacket when he’s talking about gays.

Are there still any Republicans taking him seriously? You’ve got to think that even now in Texas, there are second thoughts about the governor who’s served the longest in the state’s history. This also shows journalism in Texas must be horrible. How could he have gotten away with knowing so little and not being exposed in his first term?

Rick Perry and the Crusades

Here’s the infamous Rick Perry ad.

The obvious bigoted slam is against gays. To put it in context, think of the 1940s and substitute “gays in the military” with “Negroes in the same barracks as whites.” That was the issue then, and it was wrong. But Rick doesn’t see it that way.

And he’s saying a lot more. He’s a Christian. Not a Jew, not a Muslim and definitely not a Mormon. And what “war against religion” is he talking about? Apparently it’s the same War on Christmas that Fox News has been pushing. You know, Bill O’Reilly going off on his tangent about Obama and the government taking Christ out of Christmas.

By the way, where was Bill O’Reilly recently?

On Wednesday, a YouTube user who posts as “jjlongofa” posted a video of Bill O’Reilly crossing the street as he was on his way to a White House Christmas party.

These guys are just unbelievable.

Again, just give the GOP nomination to Romney already

Former frontrunner Texas Gov. Rick Perry completely lost it in Wednesday night’s debate:

(Looking to one of your debate opponents to help you figure out what you were planning to say isn’t the greatest idea.)

The NRA (No Romney Allowed) crowd is just going to have to suck it up and say, “Mitt’s the best we can do.”

A reason not to own a television

Political insiders say Rick Perry is about to go nuclear on Mitt Romney. (From Politico)

Republican media strategist Alex Castellanos suggested that Perry is likely to focus his attention on the last of those imperatives: tearing down his most formidable opponent in the race instead of “repairing Perry’s broken image.”

“My guess is they believe that if they can kill Romney, no one else can get the nomination but Perry,” Castellanos said. “I expect that a few Perry positives will soon hit the TV airwaves, but they will just be cover for a brutal assault on Romney from the Perry campaign and his super PAC.”

He warned: “Perry won’t just go negative. He’ll make your television bleed and beg for mercy.”

There’s nothing I hate more than a bleeding television.