Are we done yet?

The Supreme Court has cleared the way for gay marriage by ruling against a key point of the Defense of Marriage Act and by declining to rule on California’s Proposition 8, leaving a lower court order that ruled against that law intact.

So now that’s over and we can move on to more important matters, right?

A group of conservative House Republicans blasted the decisions on same-sex marriage issued Wednesday by the Supreme Court as legally inconsistent and detrimental to the future of the nation’s children. One lawmaker pledged to soon file a constitutional amendment to reinstate the Defense of Marriage Act.

“A narrow radical majority of the court has substituted their personal views for the constitutional decisions of the American voters and their elected representatives,” said Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.). “My response will be later this week to file a federal marriage amendment.”

It’s like beating your head against the wall.



The consequences of free speech

Guess who’s now the new oppressed class in the gay marriage debate (From TPM):

Over the last few days, as the emerging national marriage equality consensus has become more clear, a number of social conservatives have begun suggesting they are now in a new and oppressive climate in which they’re no longer able to speak their minds about the immorality of homosexuality or why laws should discriminate against gays. …

One of the folks we’re talking about just asked me on Twitter, in so many words, What happened to free speech? Now if you don’t agree with gay marriage you’re in trouble? Obviously we all have free speech. But what people usually want with free speech is the ability to speak their mind and not have people think worse of them for it.

Here’s something liberals learned from conservatives years ago. You can practice free speech. But don’t get your panties in a bunch when people say you’re scum because you’re speaking freely.

A sampler:

When liberals protested the war in Iraq that began a decade ago, conservatives called them traitors.

When liberals say everyone has the right to health care or that income distribution in America has overwhelmingly benefited the richest segment of the country, conservatives call them socialists.

When liberals speak against prayer in the schools, conservatives say they hate Jesus.

When liberals defend poor people, conservatives call them bleeding hearts.

When liberals criticized the Supreme Court ruling that gave the presidency to George W. Bush (the Dumber), conservatives told them to shut up and stop being cry babies.

And now, conservatives speak against gay marriage, and people call them bigots. And their feelings are hurt, so they whine that those mean old liberals are denying their right to free speech.

Screw them. Free speech doesn’t give you a free pass to say whatever you want without consequences or criticism.