Here’s where compromise with the GOP gets you

John Boehner - Caricature

No need for tears

We have a debt crisis. Unemployment is awful. The economy is turning into a dead shark. And Obama is still trying to compromise with the party that spent outrageously and cut taxes for eight years and put us in this mess.

So how is the American public taking this?

President Obama’s job approval rating is at a new low, averaging 40% in July 26-28 Gallup Daily tracking. His prior low rating of 41% occurred several times, the last of which was in April. As recently as June 7, Obama had 50% job approval. …

Obama’s 40% overall approval rating nearly matches the recent 41% approval Americans gave him for handling the debt ceiling negotiations. Though Americans rate Obama poorly for his handling of the situation, they are less approving of how House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are handling it. Gallup does not include ratings of Congress or congressional leaders in its Daily tracking, and thus, there is no overall job approval rating of Boehner, Reid, or Congress directly comparable to Obama’s current 40% overall job approval rating.

Here’s the thing.

Come election day 2012, America might be pissed off at John Boehner, but he only has to answer to the 630,000 people who live in Ohio’s 8th congressional district, an essentially conservative suburban area made up of small towns (it only touches part of Dayton) that’s 90% white. A solidly Republican district. And only about 200,000 of its residents voted for Boehner over his Democratic opponent by a margin of more than 2 to 1.

America might be pissed off at Barack Obama, too, on election day 2012. But he has to answer to the entire country. So if his numbers keep going down, John Boehner will have a better chance of remaining in Washington after the 2012 election than Obama has.

So Obama better be aware the “middle ground” he so desperately wants to plant his flag on can quickly turn into quicksand.