Domestic violence and guns

An interesting article on domestic violence and gun ownership in Sunday’s Washington Post Magazine contains this passage:

On Friday night, Jan. 20, 1967, he asked Frannie and the boys to have a seat at the dining-room table. He went to the bedroom, got a 12-gauge shotgun, came back and, in a matter-of-fact way, told them he was about to go to jail and the kids were going to an orphanage.

He then shot his wife across the table at a range of three feet.

It’s about a husband and wife with six kids:

In 1960s family photographs, the eight of them — Dad in narrow tie, Mom in cat-eye glasses, the boys in buzz cuts, the girls in hats and summer dresses — appear as if lifted from a Norman Rockwell painting: The Family After Church.

Go here to find out who lived, who died and what the aftermath was. It involves two cities I have a particular interest in: Louisville and Washington.

It has a simple headline: After Dad shot Mom.


Since the GOP has lost its mind on rape

Here’s a color-coded guide on what Republicans think about sexual assault.