Gale and Wayne and Brenda

A while back, I made the embarrassing admission that I didn’t realize the lead singer for the ’60s band We Five was a girl.

I seem to be on a roll with androgenous ’60s voices. I thought Wayne Newton was the voice behind the song “We’ll Sing in the Sunshine” …

… But that’s not Wayne Newton. And even if I saw the name Gale Garnett, I would have thought it was a guy. First, because Gale, as a name, goes both ways:

Gail Storm (That’s “My Little Margie.” Am I the only one who remembers that show?)

Gale Gordon (That’s Mr. Mooney! Am I the only one who remembers the show he was in?)

Notice the difference?

And Gale is a name used by superstar jocks:

Oh, c’mon people. That’s Gale Sayers! Go see the movie “Brian’s Song“!

Or little girls who just want to go home:

OK, that was a trick reference. That’s Dorothy Gale, from Kansas.

But this is about voices, right?

That’s Wayne Newton. You’re going to tell me that’s not the voice on “We’ll Sing in the Sunshine?”

But here’s the real problem. Even when I knew the difference, I couldn’t tell Wayne Newton from Brenda Lee:

But that was the ’60s. You couldn’t tell the boys from the girls. And these weren’t even the hippies.