No wonder I feel so crowded: 7 billion and counting

You’ve seen the reports. The world’s population is supposed to hit 7 billion in a matter of hours. More precisely, it’s supposed to happen on Halloween. Here’s an explanation from PBS and ITN:

The BBC has a pretty cool population calculator that will tell you where you fit in the world’s population when you insert your birth date.

I put mine in. Here’s the result:

When you were born, you were the: 2,765,620,117th person alive on Earth

76,161,251,498th person to have lived since history began

So since I was born, another 4 billion or so people showed up. Here’s the link to the BBC calculator.

The calculator also tells you (among other things) how many people are in your country (with the count updating while you’re on the site), the life expectancy in your country and how much the world population has grown since you’ve been on the site (I wasn’t on very long, and 3,400 people showed up).

It reminds me of the old saying: In China, when you’re told you’re one in a million, that means there are 1,000 people exactly like you.

(Actually, according to the BBC site, there are 1,343 exactly like you.)