Drones are nothing new. Ask Marilyn Monroe.

We read a lot about high tech drones (actually fully operational airplanes that don’t require pilots and are operated remotely). But drones have been a part of the U.S. military for decades.

For example, here’s a factory worker from 1944, whose job was to paint drones before they went into service:


According to Gozmodo’s Paleofuture, her name is Norma Jean Dougherty and she worked in a factory in Van Nuys, Calif. The drone she was working on was a:

OQ-2 radioplane, (sometimes called the RP-5A, TDD-l or the “Dennymite” for its designer Reginald Denny), which was the first mass produced unmanned aerial vehicle in the world….

The nearly 15,000 OQ-2 radioplanes that were produced during WWII were relatively primitive and only used for target practice by the Americans. But they were quite useful, in that they simulated a more realistic target for the U.S. Army and Navy. It wasn’t until the Vietnam War that UAVs would find use as reconnaissance planes, which would be their primary use by the American military until they became more frequently weaponized in the 21st century.

The cute factory worker above was finished with drone technology around 1948, though. Here’s a photo of her in the mid-1950s.


That’s right: Marilyn Monroe was linked to drone warfare.

You know what they say: Gentlemen prefer bombs.


Where’s my flying car?

I heard someone say that last week. I don’t remember how it got blurted out, but one minute, there was talk about the future, and the next, it was getting over traffic with a flying car.

When you see how the average person drives, what you appreciate most is the fact we don’t have flying cars.

But the other fact is, we’ve always had flying cars. They just sucked:

k-bigpic-1That’s a Convair Model 118, built in the 1940s after World War II.

The concept of the flying car has been for about 100 years. One was sketched out and built in 1917. In those 100 years, some flying cars actually flew.

The futurist site i09 has a comprehensive history of the flying car. People put a lot of thought into them. But we’re fortunate they never … how you say? … took off. Air travel is already a nightmare. Add millions of flying cars to the highway … . No! I’m not going to think about it.


Pearl Harbor Day

Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor happened 71 years ago today.

When it was over, the death toll was 2,402 American soldiers and sailors and 57 civilians. It was a tactical victory for Japan, but it put America in World War II. And that would lead to the end of Nazi Germany and its Axis allies.

Spanish bombs

This is a cover of the Clash song “Spanish Bombs” by the Mexican punk band Tijuana No!

The footage is from the actual Spanish Civil War, the precursor to World War II, which was fought from 1936 to 1939. The significance of that war was it allowed Germany, supporters of the fascist regime of Generalisimo Francisco Franco, to test weaponry it would use to take over Europe. In this case, the fascists won. Franco took control of the country from the established government in 1939 after a military coup and a long war of attrition and maintained rule until his death in 1975.

And as of today, Generalisimo Francisco Franco is still dead.